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Travis build status:
[![Build Status](](
-# Building
-Neo4j is built using Maven -
-*Maven 3 is now supported*
@@ -52,6 +48,8 @@ Build Steps Community:
To build all of the Neo4j Distribution
+# Building
+Neo4j is built using Maven -
These instructions are for OS X, with installed.
@@ -109,6 +107,6 @@ Build the standalone distributions
Working with the source code in Eclipse IDE
-Have a look at the readme file in cypher/ for how to get that project to work in Eclipse IDE.
-If it isn't setup properly, other projects (submodules) that depend on it will not get built by Eclipse.
+Neo4j is mounted in Eclipse using the M2E Eclipse Maven plugin, as "Import->Existing Maven Projects", see a vidoe by
+Paul De Velder: [Neo4j development setup in Eclipse](

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