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The snake game written in ES5 and ES6
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ECMAScript 6 Snake game

Snake written in both ES5 and ES6. Play it!

This project is a companion to the Getting started with ECMAScript6 article.


You can download the code for this project by doing a git pull or pressing the "Download ZIP" button.

The code for the ECMAScript5 version is embeddded in the ES5Snake.html file. You can edit it directly.

The code for the ECMAScript6 version is in the src folder, with each file corresponding to a module. main.js is the entry script.

To compile the ES6 code, first install all the tools needed by navigating to this project in your Node.js console and running

npm install

To run the compiler, you can execute

npm run build

This will automatically listen for any changes to the files in the src folder and rebuild when they are saved.

Getting started

To get started, I suggest playing around with the options in the src/options.js file. You can make the game bigger or smaller, make the snake go faster or slower, change the colors, rate of growth, starting position, and starting direction.


If you find anything in the code that should be improved, feel free to submit an issue or a pull request.

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