Carrier Changer for iOS 12
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It changes carrier name on the status bar on iOS 12.0-12.1.2
Use voucher_swap by bazad for iPhone 6s and above. Use v3ntex by tihmstar for iPhone 6 and below.

Supported Devices

Support all devices on iOS 12.0-12.1.2


  • bazad
  • tihmstar
  • Alticha
    modifications and post exploitation for voucher_swap
  • Jake James
    modifications and post expolitation for v3ntex
  • PeterDev
    made CarrierChanger12 to chanage carrier name
  • Muirey
    made it doesn't need a computer
  • Luis E
    made beautiful icon
  • Wei-Jin Tzeng
    Improbed UI
  • Code4iOS
    discorvered a way to make it work without reboot
  • jailbreak365
    discorvered a way to support Wi-Fi Calling
  • CoryKornowicz
    helped me to fix some errors