SwiftOverlays is a Swift GUI library for displaying various popups and notifications
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SwiftOverlays is a Swift GUI library for displaying various popups and notifications.

SwiftOverlays animated logo is kindly made by Crafted Pixels

Build Status Carthage compatible


SwiftOverlays provides several ways to notify user:

  • Wait overlay: a simple overlay with activity indicator


  • Wait overlay with text


  • Overlay with text only
  • Overlay with image and text (can be used with PPSwiftGifs to show custom animated GIF instead of UIActivityIndicatorView)
  • All of the above with blocking any user interaction
  • Notification on top of the status bar, similar to native iOS local/push notifications




Just clone and add SwiftOverlays.swift to your project.


  • > Cartfile
  • nano Cartfile
  • put github "peterprokop/SwiftOverlays" ~> 4.0.0 into Cartfile
  • Save it: ctrl-x, y, enter
  • Run carthage update
  • Copy SwiftOverlays.framework from Carthage/Build/iOS to your project
  • Make sure that SwiftOverlays is added in Embedded Binaries section of your target (or else you will get dyld library not loaded referenced from ... reason image not found error)
  • Add import SwiftOverlays on top of your view controller's code


  • Make sure that you use latest stable Cocoapods version: pod --version
  • If not, update it: sudo gem install cocoapods
  • pod init in you project root dir
  • nano Podfile, add:
pod 'SwiftOverlays', '~> 4.0.0'
  • Save it: ctrl-x, y, enter
  • pod update
  • Open generated .xcworkspace
  • Don't forget to import SwiftOverlays: import SwiftOverlays!


  • iOS 8.0+
  • Xcode 9.0+
  • Swift 4.0 (if you need older swift version, see swift-3.0 and others)


If you're using CocoaPods, import the library with import SwiftOverlays

You can use UIViewController convenience methods provided by library:

// In your view controller:

// Wait overlay

// Wait overlay with text
let text = "Please wait..."

// Overlay with text only
let text = "This is a text-only overlay...\n...spanning several lines"

// Remove everything

// Notification on top of the status bar
UIViewController.showOnTopOfStatusBar(annoyingNotificationView!, duration: 5)

// Block user interaction
SwiftOverlays.showBlockingWaitOverlayWithText("This is blocking overlay!")

// Don't forget to unblock!

Using with UITableViewController/UICollectionViewController

You can't use SwiftOverlays convenience methods directly with UITableViewController - because its view is, well, an UITableView, and overlay will be scrolled along with it.

Instead I suggest using UIViewController instead of UITableViewController and adding UITableView as a subview. (the same applies to UICollectionViewController)

If for some reason you can't use UIViewController, you can do something like:

if let superview = self.view.superview {
  SwiftOverlays.showCenteredWaitOverlayWithText(superview, text: "Please wait...")

(but in that case overlay will be added to the superview, and you should obviously do that only if superview is available - for example in viewDidAppear method of your controller.).


You are welcome to fork and submit pull requests

Other Projects

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  • AlertyAlert - AlertyAlert is a nice and fluffy iOS alert library for all your alerty needs.