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An internet scanner for exploit CVE-2017-0144 (Eternal Blue) & CVE-2017-0145 (Eternal Romance)
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Eternal scanner is an network scanner for Eternal Blue exploit CVE-2017-0144 & Eternal Romance (named pipe) CVE-2017-0145 .


2.2 Version (New Implementations)

  • Eternal Romance Vulnerability check (escan -er)
  • Escan Database Splited Results (escan -l)



  • netcat
  • masscan
  • metasploit-framework
  • wget (To Update Eternal Scanner Directly from github)
  • pip (for alternative install of python modules)
  • python-crypto (Dependency for Eternal Romance check)
  • python-impacket (Dependency for Eternal Romance check)
  • python-pyasn1-modules (Dependency for Eternal Romance check)

How to Install

Install Requirements

  • apt-get install masscan metasploit-framework wget python-pip python-crypto python-impacket python-pyasn1-modules netcat

For python modules as alernative it can be used pip to install the libraries :

  • pip install crypto && pip install impacket && pip install pyasn1-modules


  • Starting from version 2.0 , eternal scanner will auto install itself on your system on 1st run .
  • Vulnerable scanned Ip data (vuln.txt) will be placed from now on in /usr/local/share/eternal_scanner
  • Multiples sessions of escan will break the script , however , user can be scanning or checking with escan in one terminal and use another escan session terminal to search in database by writing ( escan -l)
  • Escan will run normally as before if eternal Romance dependencies are not installed , however (escan -er) will not work without them .
  • From Version 2.2
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