Adds ESLint with airbnb #324

merged 22 commits into from Aug 29, 2016
peterramsing commented Aug 22, 2016 edited

What kind of change is this? (Bug Fix, Feature...)

What is the current behavior (You can also link to an issue)

What is the new behavior this introduces (if any)

  • Enables ESLint with airbnb rules
  • Refactors codebase to reflect lint
  • [=>] Add linting to tests (removing from this initial scope)
  • Update contribution docs

Does this introduce any breaking changes?

Does the PR fulfill these requirements?

  • [N/A] Tests for the changes have been added
  • Docs have been added or updated

Other Comments

added some commits Aug 17, 2016
@peterramsing Adds initial eslint and airbnb config d500932
@peterramsing Updates LostAlign to eslint spec abe6011
@peterramsing Updates LostAtRule for eslint 23919bf
@peterramsing Updates the cloneAllBefore function for esLint
This reduces the need for the for loop, ultimately helping with
@peterramsing Updates lostCenterDecl for eslint 1dd3f7c
@peterramsing Updates lostColumnDecl for eslint 4d85b8a
@peterramsing Updates lostFlexContainerDecl for eslint
@peterramsing peterramsing added this to the v7.1.0 milestone Aug 22, 2016
@peterramsing peterramsing self-assigned this Aug 22, 2016
added some commits Aug 24, 2016
@peterramsing Updates lostMasonryColumn for ESLint a0f616b
@peterramsing Updates lostMasonryWrap for ESLint 7dd21d7
@peterramsing Removes unneeded masonry wrap variable 7726f54
@peterramsing Updates lostMove for ESLint a1a6e9b
@peterramsing Removes unneeded lostMoveNumerator variable 2c2f6da
@peterramsing Updates lostOffset for ESLint 2350778
@peterramsing Updates lostRow for ESLint 1e245d5
@peterramsing Updates lostUtility for ESLint 0980f12
@peterramsing Updates lostWaffle for ESLint a7f80e6
@peterramsing Updates newBlock for ESLint
@peterramsing Updates lost core for ESLint 9cccc5e
@peterramsing Adds tests to ESLint's ignored files 275431b
@peterramsing Adds ESLint task to test script
@peterramsing Revert "Adds ESLint task to test script"
This is because of some node issues and that's a task for a later time.

This reverts commit c68895b.
@peterramsing Adds docs

I had some issues getting Travis to run ESLint. I think it's because of #318. I'm going to keep looking into that as I'd like to have ESLint a part of the build process.

@peterramsing peterramsing changed the title from WIP: Adds ESLint with airbnb to Adds ESLint with airbnb Aug 29, 2016
@peterramsing peterramsing merged commit 5424b40 into master Aug 29, 2016

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continuous-integration/travis-ci/pr The Travis CI build passed
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@peterramsing peterramsing deleted the eslint branch Aug 29, 2016
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