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Darcy Release - v7.0.1

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@peterramsing peterramsing released this 02 Jul 06:19
· 457 commits to master since this release

Why 7.0.1 and not 7.0.0? Well, I made a tiny mistake with npm versioning and...well, the patch version was inadvertently bumped and that's why. Sometimes my fear of breaking something with npm is a bit irrational, but oh well.


  • (#306) [FEATURE] lost-row: none; was added to reset the element back to default settings.
  • (#297) [BUGFIX] Updates the clear: left; to be clear: both; for lost-column/waffle rule.
  • (#299) [BUGFIX] Changes the size from 99.99/999999% to 99.9% within lost-column, lost-masonry-column, lost-move, lost-offset, lost-row and lost-waffle. This is because in Edge and IE there were some rounding errors causing stacking of columns instead of allowing them to sit side-by-side.
  • (#251) [REFACTOR] Minor refactor to add in cloneAllBefore function to make readability easier.

Note for IE users

  • All uses of lost-column, lost-masonry-column, lost-move, lost-offset, lost-row and lost-waffle will have their calc equation adjusted to use 99.9%. This could cause breakage in very edge cases especially in older versions of Internet Explorer. This version should be tested to see if any columns stack instead of site side-by-side.
  • Within lost-column and lost-waffle the clear has been updated from left to both.
    • If this is an issue (which in testing I found none), there is a new global setting that will adjust this back to the previous behavior. Just put @lost clearing left; at the top of your file and the global configuration will be set.

Diff with previous version 6.8.1