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Markdown-based site (blog, project documentation, etc) written with NodeJS.
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Markdown Site Engine

js-standard-style contributions welcome made-with-Markdown Ask Me Anything ! GitHub license

Make your project documentation (or blog, or something else) with Markdown.



  • HTML-generating on-the-fly from the Markdown files.
  • Generating of navigation on-the-fly.
  • Dynamic permissions management:
    • Each user has a list of roles (roles are like GitHub's organization's groups).
    • Each page and directory should have a list of roles.
    • User can see the page (in navigation too) if he has at least one role from page's list.
  • Search on all pages depending on access rights of current user.
  • Preview of result html page in creating page.
  • All settings and access rights are fully configurable (using admin panel or changing the code).
  • Too easy to add new setting — admin panel is generated too. You simply need to add new setting and default value, and then you will be able to configure it in admin panel.
  • You can simply copy your markdown files to views/pages/ and (if it necessary) manage access to paths — and then your documentation is ready :) All new pages and directories will be indexed at next page loading.
  • Nice looking & adaptive design for all screen sizes.
  • Other small but useful features:
    • Each header has #link to it
    • Most code snippets will have copy button on header above
    • You can use all kramdown features
    • Main pages folder from configuration will be always on top in navigation on each page.
    • Pages will have default access rights from config and will be placed in Main pages folder if you wont specify path or roles.
    • Advanced error handling (page with information about error will be shown for each error, so no crashes must occur)


This readme page after rendering:

And mobile version (iPhone 8 Plus):


  • NodeJS (+ npm)
  • MongoDB (used for passport sessions, user and paths info)
  • Ruby (for kramdown library)
  • babel
  • node-sass (not so necessary if you don't want to change the existing styles, and you still can use plain css)


  1. Clone the repo. I'm not gonna to upload project to npm, etc.
git clone
  1. Install dependencies
cd markdown-site
npm i
  1. Rebuild project sources with babel (also static files will be copied to /dist)
npm run rebuild


Run on http://localhost:3006/markdown-knowledge-base

npm start

3rd party


Copyright (c) 2018 PeterSamokhin

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