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This software is an exact copy of the application hosted on This website will close in the near future. To continue with your projects Deploy the software on an application server on by example Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services and you have your own Concept Mapping service for your entire organization.


  • Research in social siences (a.o. Psychological Care, Addiction Treatment, Human Movement Sciences)
  • Marketing (a.o. Branding Research, Customer Care Optimization)

Ariadne explained

Concept mapping is a statistical technique to unravel difficult constructs like ‘quality of service’, ‘best practices in care’, ‘brand image’ or ‘product proposition’. Expert or client opinions’ are combined to get insight into the common view towards a specific construct as it is seen by the group as a whole.

Concept mapping is a relatively fast and efficient method which combines qualitative and quantitative techniques. It differs from individual or group wise mind mapping sessions by not directly drawing a mind map. The concept map is created by the computer using statistical techniques to combine data of all individual participants.

The software support all languages and characters from that language as long as they are supported by the modern browsers like IE and Chrome.

Ariadne in practice Minds to One created a web driven tool to support concept mapping, called Ariadne. The web service makes it possible to collectively brainstorm on a theme, to individually perform tasks with the collected statements and to visualize the outcome of that brainstorm in a concept map. Ariadne is used for decades in health care, in service based companies and for marketing and branding. This web version is relatively new but fully operational and already thoroughly used in a lot of sessions.

A typical session consists of:

  • a brainstorm with (experiential) experts
  • individual rating and grouping of statements gathered in the brainstorm
  • group wise annotating of the resulting concept map

Themes thus far explored:

  • care around specific diseases or live stages
  • service quality
  • structuring juridical decisions
  • service content or product propositions
  • professional standards
  • describing brand image

The software

Ariadne for concept mapping is a backup of the software hosted on

This application is build in Visual Studio with c#. By opening the .sln file in the project directory you can start it in visual studio. To run the program you first have to create the application database and the authentication database.

Al info on creating these both databases is in database_creation.sql in the file: 'database creation.txt'.

To work with this program you need knowledge of c#,, visual studio, sqlserver (server side) and javascript (client side).

Sql server can be replaced by PostgreSQL or any other relational database.


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