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da04853 @peterskeide Initial commit of TimeFlux (unfinished)
1 # Add your own tasks in files placed in lib/tasks ending in .rake,
2 # for example lib/tasks/capistrano.rake, and they will automatically be available to Rake.
4 require(File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'config', 'boot'))
6 require 'rake'
7 require 'rake/testtask'
8 require 'rake/rdoctask'
9 require 'tasks/rails'
a17a443 removed local ldap configuration file
Håkon Torjus Bommen authored
a1e61ce added test:coverage to rakefile using rcov
Håkon Torjus Bommen authored
11 namespace :test do
12 desc 'Measures test coverage'
13 task :coverage do
14 rm_f "coverage"
15 rm_f ""
16 rcov = "rcov -Itest --rails --aggregate -T -x \" rubygems/*,/Library/Ruby/Site/*,gems/*,rcov*\""
17 system("#{rcov} --no-html test/unit/*_test.rb test/unit/helpers/*_test.rb")
18 system("#{rcov} --no-html test/functional/*_test.rb")
19 system("#{rcov} --html test/integration/*_test.rb")
20 system("open coverage/index.html") if PLATFORM['darwin']
21 end
f0e71a0 removed pagination as they didn´t work after update to bundler, and s…
Håkon Torjus Bommen authored
22 end
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