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As an admin, I want to be able to only see active projects in the customer report, so that I get a better understanding of what people are actually working on #42

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mrjetset Håkon Torjus Bommen

I guess this could be done in several ways:

  • We talked about unassigned people, so we could not show projects with noone assigned to it.
  • Could change the status of a project to unactive
  • Other sugestions?

Please contact me for a discussion before you design this.

Verification test criteria:

  • Verify that only projects people are working on is shown
  • Verify that active projects are shown even though nobody has registered any work on them
Håkon Torjus Bommen
hakonb commented

I\ve included a hide inactive checkbox which removes entries without registered time entries. I guess this should at least partially cover this issue.

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