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As a User, I want to see my project hours for the selected week grouped and summarized in the "Time Entry" page #52

jonaso opened this Issue · 2 comments

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As a User, I think it would be useful to have a summary (like the one in Month Review) in the Time Entry page. A summary that is grouped by projects with hours registered for the selected week.

This could be very useful when working on several projects at the same time. Sometimes, one is required to report hours, and a summary on the bottom would simplify this process. This would also be useful for project administrators doing the same kind of reporting or in need for an easy overview.


This could also be achieved by allowing a user to search his own hours. This would be useful for summing activities in any period, but that might be too much of a hazzle.


The month_review summary is a partial. We could easily implement this as a new page with a link from time_entry page.

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