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Python wrapper for the Everysport API
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Everysport Python

A Python wrapper for the Everysport API. The API lets you access events, standings and results from

Note: This is NOT an official Everysport SDK and is subject to change at any time.


Using PIP:

pip install everysport

Or download and unpack the distribution:

python install

Getting Started

To start you need an API-key from See instructions and usage terms at

With the API-key you create an Everysport instance.


es = everysport.Everysport(APIKEY)

Getting a specific League

To get a specific league, you need the League ID from Navigate to the league page on, the League ID is in the URL. This is the URL for Allsvenskan:

The League ID for Allsvenskan is 57973.

allsvenskan = es.get_league(57973) # Allsvenskan

print allsvenskan.league

Leagues like NHL, which has many different groups, are more complicated:

nhl = es.get_standings(58878)

for group_type in nhl.grouptypes: # e.g. 'conference'
    print group_type.upper()    
    for group_name in nhl.get_groupnames_by_type(group_type):         
        print nhl.get_group_by_name(group_name)

Note that the League ID is different for every season!


Create queries to get list of leagues and events. There are two types of queries:

  • everysport.leagues

From events you get query object that lets you select what kind of events you want to fetch, for example:

  • today()
  • ongoing()
  • fromdate()
  • todate()
  • round()
  • finished()
  • upcoming()
  • leagues()
  • To filter a specific sport, you can use football(), hockey(), etc.

For example:

football_today =

To fetch the events, use the query as an iterator, as in

for event in football_today:
	print event

Or use fetch to get all back as one list (not recommended, the number of events may be large for some leagues):

all_hockey =, everysport.NHL).fetch()

In the same way you can query for leagues using leagues.

for league in
    print league

The leagues are the current leagues, as seen on!

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