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About TabAddict

How to Use TabAddict

After installation, the TabAddict button will show up to the right of the omnibox. Click it to open TabAddict.

The TabAddict page has three buttons: Open, Capture, and Launch. Below the buttons is the Session Editor.

The Open button loads a file into the Session Editor using drag-and-drop. The Capture button puts a snapshot of the current session into the Session Editor. The Launch button launches the session you are editing.

Interactions with the local file system are very limited in Chrome Extensions. If you want to save a captured session, you're going to have to copy-and-paste it into Notepad or something. Sorry.

The Format for Sessions

Each line that starts with http:// or https:// will be interpreted as a link and cause a new tab to open.

Each > will cause an additional window to be opened.

All other lines will be ignored. For example:

# Google!
> My favorites
# This one's really awesome
> My less favorite sites

In the above example, will be opened in the current window, and will open in a second window, and will open in a third window.


TabAddict was created by Peter Nelson.

It is provided under the GPL.

Icons were provided by IcoMoon and Umut Pulat.


TabAddict is a light-weight session manager for Chrome.




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