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Highly configurable Helm Presto Chart
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Presto Helm Chart

Highly configurable Helm Presto Chart based on the stable/presto chart but significantly altered for greater flexibility:

  • Specify connectors within the values.yaml file to easily manage them without modifying the image.
  • Separated resources and selectors/affinities for coordinator and worker deployments given the different naturesmofmthe two deployments.
  • Override and add configuration properties and JVM configuration within the values.yaml file.
  • Templated bootstrapping within the containers allows for additional runtime configuration makes for more natural injection of environmental data. Particularly useful for rendering secrets into configurations and connectors via container environment variables.

Check out the example values.yaml file for more detailed documentation and examples of how the above chamges work.

Basic Chart Installation

This chart is packaged for easy install and any of the packaged versions stored in the charts directory can be installed via their download URL:

$ helm install \
  --name my-presto \
  --namespace my-presto-namespace \
  --values values.yaml \

where the values.yaml is one you've created locally. For more details about the chart see the chart README.

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