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Installing on Linux, Unix, etc.

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Installing on Linux, Unix, etc.


  • Ubuntu 18.04: git-flow AVH edition is packaged with Ubuntu. You can install the last version of git-flow AVH Edition using:

    $ sudo apt-get install git-flow
  • Previous versions of Ubuntu: the official repositories for old versions of Ubuntu include 3+ year old versions of the git-flow AVH edition. These repositories had been not updated (#336). If you install the software using apt-get install you will obtain obsolete versions. Instead of that, please use the manual instructions below.

NOTE: There is a PPA with a more recent version of git-flow (the version 1.9.1) that you can use to install it on Ubuntu Precise (12.04), Trusty (14.04), Wily (15.10), Xenial (16.04). You may check the corresponding Launchpad page. However, instead of using that PPA and installing the software using apt-get install, you may use the manual installation to get the latest version.

Manual Installation

Under *nix, the easiest way to install git-flow is using Rick Osborne's excellent git-flow installer, which can be run using the following command:

For the develop version:

$ wget -q && sudo bash install develop; rm

Option for cURL downloading:

$ curl --silent --location --output ./

For the stable release:

$ wget -q && sudo bash install stable; rm