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430 1.87: My dad got a paper cut from a dictionary today #thuglife
1562 2.00: #ReasonIveGotAReferral Screaming "FUCK!" when I got a paper cut.
584 2.05: Got papercut blood all over a document for a customer and couldn't make a copy. Hope they don't think it's a threat
2351 2.06: I have the worst luck!!! Id get a papercut reading of a kindle ffs!!#pathetic
435 2.07: Papercut sample, out of respect..and because that guitar line puts a large smile on my face
846 2.12: Is it possible to get a papercut on your tounge??
2413 2.16: If the big announcement is something I already knew, something crazy like one of the boys got a paper cut; im sleeping for days okay.
1678 2.18: It's amazing how some of the smallest things can hurt so bad. #papercut #bitingyourliportounge #shampoointheeye
133 2.20: slammed the back of my finger into a book. hurts. but no papercut o.o
2349 2.23: First papercut in awhile and MAN I do not miss them. #ow #ineedtogohome
502 2.23: *looks around* wait... I've been alone at work all day. No one even called to check up on me. What if I got a paper cut!! Who would save me
1142 2.29: See my DP- look at that handsome devil. Oh &*$&*&*EYW&*EYW87we OWWW!!!! IT HURTS SO MUCH!!!! papercut
864 2.29: A papercut twitter page just gave me sympathy me.... #Arright #ThanksBrahh
743 2.36: Do those ppl like search the word paper cut everyday how did they find out i got a ppr cut n tweet me like in a second...
2008 2.50: Always scared I'll get a paper cut on my tongue when I lick envelopes #scary #latemail
1021 2.53: First time I've got a paper cut at work, and I end up getting 5 in one shift. Doing what? Tearing tags. @meo
2540 2.54: Lips so thin, i kissed her and got a paper cut
960 2.59: I went back to all my status' from 2010 and it's like 'OMG got a paper cut 2day it's soooooo deep! The boys were laffin:@' Oh my god.
957 2.70: i think im gonna finish my papercut at night >_<
2439 2.77: Groupie Dem Be On Me Like Dey Know Me Its Ridiculus I Gotta Papercut From Me Countin All The Benjamins.
2003 2.79: See I'm a deep, emotional person. I got a papercut one time and threw on Tha Crossroads.
1656 2.89: My paper cut .. I think i just stick to drawing a butterfly can already ..
910 3.05: I almost got a paper cut on my tongue
1103 3.08: I wouldn't be able to cut myself if my life depended on it. My fingers won't even allow paper cuts. I have rough skin, I know.
1497 3.17: every time I hear a pit bull song I give myself a paper cut on the corner of my mouth :) :) :)
897 3.18: This papercut is ridiculous #QuadProbs
1448 3.40: Went and got a Paper Cut today. Really not what I expected...I think the barber got the hairline all wrong.
214 3.44: Anna: *gasping loudly* I just gave my nose a paper cut! Me: Idiot #homeschoolers #anythinisfunnywhiledoingUShistory
1416 3.72: Who gets a papercut on their lip? Oh yea . Yarly does. ??
2502 4.09: She:R u ok Me:I just got a paper cut She:let m see. Me:see see see my middle finger -Fuck you
1527 4.18: i just printed a damn paper and that son of a bitch fucking flew to my huge nose and it almost gave me a paper cut wtf
1045 4.55: Got a papercut like injury today, from a knife
1977 4.66: I just got a papercut, except it wasn't paper it was my nail. Nailcut. Nailpapercut. Papernail. Fingernailcut. Paperfingernailcutnailcut.
1251 4.80: My best friend will go out of her way to get me a bandaid and candy because I got a paper cut on my popcorn bag @taylorshakes #hero #loveher
71 5.64: I have a paper cut like cut on my hand. But from a piece of metal. So, just as annoying, except hurts a bit more. Damn you...