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Version: 1.7.5

Maintainer: ShichaoGao<xgdgsc at>



License: GPL-3

OS_type: unix, windows

Somoclu MATLAB Extension Build Guide (Linux/Mac):

(macOS users see the Note below first)
  1. Configure the library to compile without MPI support. Optionally, specify the root of your MATLAB installation. E.g.:

    $ ./configure --without-mpi --with-matlab=/usr/local/MATLAB/R2014a

If you want CUDA support, specify the CUDA directory as well.

  1. Build MATLAB Extension by running:

    make matlab
  2. Then MexSomoclu.mexa64 or MexSomoclu.mexa32 is generated for use, you can test by installing som-toolbox from, and running the mex_interface_test.m or mex_interface_test_gpu.m.

If you encounter errors like:

version `GLIBCXX_3.4.20' not found

You can rename* under MATLAB_ROOT/sys/os/glnxa64 to solve this issue.

Note for macOS users:

Using GCC

As of macOS 10.10, gcc is just symlink to clang. To build somoclu and this extension using GCC, it is recommended to install gcc using something like:

$ brew install gcc --without-multilib

and set environment using:

export CC=/usr/local/bin/gcc-7
export CXX=/usr/local/bin/g++-7
export CPP=/usr/local/bin/cpp-7
export LD=/usr/local/bin/gcc-7
alias c++=/usr/local/bin/c++-7
alias g++=/usr/local/bin/g++-7
alias gcc=/usr/local/bin/gcc-7
alias cpp=/usr/local/bin/cpp-7
alias ld=/usr/local/bin/gcc-7
alias cc=/usr/local/bin/gcc-7

before running ./configure .

Then follow the instructions at to build somoclu itself.

Building Mex Extension on macOS:

Using GCC

To build the extension on macOS, we need to make mex use gcc instead of the default clang compiler which doesn' t support openmp (As of OSX 10.10.5). We need to copy MATLAB_ROOT/bin/ to ~/.matlab/VERSION/ , replace MATLAB_ROOT with your installation path of MATLAB and replace VERSION with your MATLAB version in that folder. Example:

cp /Applications/ ~/.matlab/R2013a/

Then modify ~/.matlab/VERSION/ to use gcc as follows:

  1. change CC='gcc' and comment out all CC= statements after that.
  2. change CXX='g++' and comment out all CXX= statements after that.
  3. change MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET='10.9' where 10.9 is your macOS version number.

an example is given at, then you can follow the instruction step 2 at the top to build the extension and test.

Building Mex Extension on Windows:

First, you should install some supported version of Visual Studio that includes the Visual C++ compiler by your MATLAB version like on this page. With MATLAB and Visual Studio installed properly, running mex -setup in CMD will prompt fpr available compilers and you can choose the appropriate version.

Then run the script in this folder makeMex.bat in CMD and the MexSomoclu.mexa64 or MexSomoclu.mexa32 is generated for use, you can test by running the mex_interface_test.m.

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