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Getting Started

In 6 steps, you'll have chef-client-mobile up and running in your browser from scratch.

Linux / Mac OS X

1 - Installing Git

2 - Installing node.js and NPM

3 - Get the code

> git clone git://
> cd starbox-client-web

4 - Run Stylus/CoffeeScript compilers

> make stylus
> make coffee

This will compile .styl to .css and .coffee to .js.
File changes will automatically be recompiled.

5 - Run development server

> make server

In a browser, visit http://localhost:3000/index-dev.html?usemockdata=true.

Why a server?

The development server is JUST for live.js/livereload and Chrome. live.js/livereload uses XHR to automatically reload JavaScript and CSS, Chrome does not allow XHR over the file:// protocol (issue 41024).

6 - Pimp your editor for Stylus and CoffeeScript

Get coding!

Deploying Checklist

1 - Compile Stylus/CoffeeScript

> make stylus
> make coffee

2 - Rebuild bootstrap.js and bootstrap.css

> make clean; make

3 - Automated Browser Test

> make specs

In a browser, go to [http://localhost:3000/spec-runner].

4 - Manual Browser Test

> make server

In a browser, go to [http://localhost:3000] and spotcheck functionality hasn't regressed.