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Import tool for OpenStreetMap data to pgRouting database
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Before you can use this tool for importing Openstreetmap data,
you need to install

1. postgresl
2. postgis
3. pgrouting
4. boost
5. expat

and to prepare a database.

See in the documentation of the pgrouting website for more informations:

For compiling this tool, you will need boost, libpq and expat:
Then just type: make

Start the program like this:

./osm2pgrouting -file your-OSM-XML-File.osm -conf mapconfig.xml -dbname routing -user postgres -clean

all available parameters are:

-file <file>  		-- name of your osm xml file
-dbname <dbname> 	-- name of your database
-user <user> 		-- name of the user, which have write access to the database
-conf <file> 		-- name of your configuration xml file

-host <host>  		-- host of your postgresql database (default:
-port <port> 		-- port of your database (default: 5432)
-passwd <passwd> 	-- password for database access
-clean 				-- drop previously created tables
-skipnodes			-- do not load nodes into the node table (reduces runtime) 
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