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Framer CLI

Providing most of the functionality of Framer Studio, but from the comfort of your terminal.


Framer CLI is in its infancy, but the aim is to create a decent way to build quick prototypes/dynamic layouts in code from the editor of your choice. The current implementation of this tool requires Node.

Who is this for?

This is not a replacement to Framer Studio and is best suited for those who are comfortable with Framer's API and using the command line.


  • CoffeeScript & ECMAScript 6 JS. It will handle CoffeeScript, es6-compliant JavaScript, or a mix of the two.
  • Local server for previewing/debugging.
  • Handles true Node-style modules. Place any code, assets, etc. that you want in the modules folder and require them in your main index.js file. Make use of Node modules and third-party Framer modules as well.
  • Live reloading when any of the files in your dependency tree change.
  • WIP: Intelligent completions that are scoped appropriately. This uses Tern and requires using an editor with a Tern plugin.
  • Quickly generate project and module boilerplate.


$ npm install -g peteschaffner/framer-cli
$ framer path/to/my/project &
$ vim path/to/my/project/index.js

The best way to learn is probably to poke around the project and module boilerplate that framer(1) generates. For more detailed instructions, framer -h.