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Documenation book for RavenDB
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This repository contains the official RavenDB documenation

The compiled old book can still be downloaded as a PDF from [](

The documentation is written using the [Markdown language](, and may use some extended Markdown features.

* Images should be stored under a local "images" folder, right below the document referencing them. The reference should be to "images/image_name.png". Image names should bear a unique descriptive name, like clientapi_intro_serverimage.png.

* Links to other documents within the documentation system should be relative, without the .markdown extension, e.g. href="../../server/deployment".

The following non-standard syntax is supported as well:

* For code blocks (supported: json, csharp, plain):

	{CODE-START:json /}

* For highlighted blocks:

	{BLOCK ... /}
	{NOTE ... /}
	{INFO ... /}
	{WARNING ... /}
	{TIP ... /}
	{WARNING ... /}

* For a files list - will output a list of links to all child documents:

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