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# All code (C) Pete Warden, 2011
# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program. If not, see <>.
require 'rubygems' if RUBY_VERSION < '1.9'
require 'json'
# This database of words is copyright protected and distributed under
# "Open Database License (ODbL) v1.0"
# or a similar
# copyleft license.
# See comments on the word list here:
# See docs/AFINN-README.txt for more details, and thanks to Finn Årup for making these available!
SENTIMENT_WORDS = JSON.parse('{"abandon":-2, "abandoned":-2, "abandons":-2, "abducted":-2, "abduction":-2, "abductions":-2, "abhor":-3,' +
' "abhorred":-3, "abhorrent":-3, "abhors":-3, "abilities":2, "ability":2, "aboard":1, "absentee":-1, "absentees":-1, "absolve":2, "absolved":2,' +
' "absolves":2, "absolving":2, "absorbed":1, "abuse":-3, "abused":-3, "abuses":-3, "abusive":-3, "accept":1, "accepted":1, "accepting":1,' +
' "accepts":1, "accident":-2, "accidental":-2, "accidentally":-2, "accidents":-2, "accomplish":2, "accomplished":2, "accomplishes":2,' +
' "accusation":-2, "accusations":-2, "accuse":-2, "accused":-2, "accuses":-2, "accusing":-2, "ache":-2, "achievable":1, "aching":-2, "acquit":2,' +
' "acquits":2, "acquitted":2, "acquitting":2, "acrimonious":-3, "active":1, "adequate":1, "admire":3, "admired":3, "admires":3, "admiring":3,' +
' "admit":-1, "admits":-1, "admitted":-1, "admonish":-2, "admonished":-2, "adopt":1, "adopts":1, "adorable":3, "adore":3, "adored":3, "adores":3,' +
' "advanced":1, "advantage":2, "advantages":2, "adventure":2, "adventures":2, "adventurous":2, "affected":-1, "affection":3, "affectionate":3,' +
' "afflicted":-1, "affronted":-1, "afraid":-2, "aggravate":-2, "aggravated":-2, "aggravates":-2, "aggravating":-2, "aggression":-2,' +
' "aggressions":-2, "aggressive":-2, "aghast":-2, "agog":2, "agonise":-3, "agonised":-3, "agonises":-3, "agonising":-3, "agonize":-3,' +
' "agonized":-3, "agonizes":-3, "agonizing":-3, "agree":1, "agreeable":2, "agreed":1, "agreement":1, "agrees":1, "alarm":-2, "alarmed":-2,' +
' "alarmist":-2, "alarmists":-2, "alas":-1, "alert":-1, "alienation":-2, "alive":1, "allergic":-2, "allow":1, "alone":-2, "amaze":2, "amazed":2,' +
' "amazes":2, "amazing":4, "ambitious":2, "ambivalent":-1, "amuse":3, "amused":3, "amusement":3, "amusements":3, "anger":-3, "angers":-3,' +
' "angry":-3, "anguish":-3, "anguished":-3, "animosity":-2, "annoy":-2, "annoyance":-2, "annoyed":-2, "annoying":-2, "annoys":-2,' +
' "antagonistic":-2, "anti":-1, "anticipation":1, "anxiety":-2, "anxious":-2, "apathetic":-3, "apathy":-3, "apeshit":-3, "apocalyptic":-2,' +
' "apologise":-1, "apologised":-1, "apologises":-1, "apologising":-1, "apologize":-1, "apologized":-1, "apologizes":-1, "apologizing":-1,' +
' "apology":-1, "appalled":-2, "appalling":-2, "appease":2, "appeased":2, "appeases":2, "appeasing":2, "applaud":2, "applauded":2, "applauding":2,' +
' "applauds":2, "applause":2, "appreciate":2, "appreciated":2, "appreciates":2, "appreciating":2, "appreciation":2, "apprehensive":-2, "approval":2,' +
' "approved":2, "approves":2, "ardent":1, "arrest":-2, "arrested":-3, "arrests":-2, "arrogant":-2, "ashame":-2, "ashamed":-2, "ass":-4,' +
' "assassination":-3, "assassinations":-3, "asset":2, "assets":2, "assfucking":-4, "asshole":-4, "astonished":2, "astound":3, "astounded":3,' +
' "astounding":3, "astoundingly":3, "astounds":3, "attack":-1, "attacked":-1, "attacking":-1, "attacks":-1, "attract":1, "attracted":1,' +
' "attracting":2, "attraction":2, "attractions":2, "attracts":1, "audacious":3, "authority":1, "avert":-1, "averted":-1, "averts":-1, "avid":2,' +
' "avoid":-1, "avoided":-1, "avoids":-1, "await":-1, "awaited":-1, "awaits":-1, "award":3, "awarded":3, "awards":3, "awesome":4, "awful":-3,' +
' "awkward":-2, "axe":-1, "axed":-1, "backed":1, "backing":2, "backs":1, "bad":-3, "badass":-3, "badly":-3, "bailout":-2, "bamboozle":-2,' +
' "bamboozled":-2, "bamboozles":-2, "ban":-2, "banish":-1, "bankrupt":-3, "bankster":-3, "banned":-2, "bargain":2, "barrier":-2, "bastard":-5,' +
' "bastards":-5, "battle":-1, "battles":-1, "beaten":-2, "beatific":3, "beating":-1, "beauties":3, "beautiful":3, "beautifully":3, "beautify":3,' +
' "belittle":-2, "belittled":-2, "beloved":3, "benefit":2, "benefits":2, "benefitted":2, "benefitting":2, "bereave":-2, "bereaved":-2,' +
' "bereaves":-2, "bereaving":-2, "best":3, "betray":-3, "betrayal":-3, "betrayed":-3, "betraying":-3, "betrays":-3, "better":2, "bias":-1,' +
' "biased":-2, "big":1, "bitch":-5, "bitches":-5, "bitter":-2, "bitterly":-2, "bizarre":-2, "blah":-2, "blame":-2, "blamed":-2, "blames":-2,' +
' "blaming":-2, "bless":2, "blesses":2, "blessing":3, "blind":-1, "bliss":3, "blissful":3, "blithe":2, "block":-1, "blockbuster":3, "blocked":-1,' +
' "blocking":-1, "blocks":-1, "bloody":-3, "blurry":-2, "boastful":-2, "bold":2, "boldly":2, "bomb":-1, "boost":1, "boosted":1, "boosting":1,' +
' "boosts":1, "bore":-2, "bored":-2, "boring":-3, "bother":-2, "bothered":-2, "bothers":-2, "bothersome":-2, "boycott":-2, "boycotted":-2,' +
' "boycotting":-2, "boycotts":-2, "brainwashing":-3, "brave":2, "breakthrough":3, "breathtaking":5, "bribe":-3, "bright":1, "brightest":2,' +
' "brightness":1, "brilliant":4, "brisk":2, "broke":-1, "broken":-1, "brooding":-2, "bullied":-2, "bullshit":-4, "bully":-2, "bullying":-2,' +
' "bummer":-2, "buoyant":2, "burden":-2, "burdened":-2, "burdening":-2, "burdens":-2, "calm":2, "calmed":2, "calming":2, "calms":2,' +
' "cant stand":-3, "cancel":-1, "cancelled":-1, "cancelling":-1, "cancels":-1, "cancer":-1, "capable":1, "captivated":3, "care":2, "carefree":1,' +
' "careful":2, "carefully":2, "careless":-2, "cares":2, "cashing in":-2, "casualty":-2, "catastrophe":-3, "catastrophic":-4, "cautious":-1,' +
' "celebrate":3, "celebrated":3, "celebrates":3, "celebrating":3, "censor":-2, "censored":-2, "censors":-2, "certain":1, "chagrin":-2,' +
' "chagrined":-2, "challenge":-1, "chance":2, "chances":2, "chaos":-2, "chaotic":-2, "charged":-3, "charges":-2, "charm":3, "charming":3,' +
' "charmless":-3, "chastise":-3, "chastised":-3, "chastises":-3, "chastising":-3, "cheat":-3, "cheated":-3, "cheater":-3, "cheaters":-3,' +
' "cheats":-3, "cheer":2, "cheered":2, "cheerful":2, "cheering":2, "cheerless":-2, "cheers":2, "cheery":3, "cherish":2, "cherished":2,' +
' "cherishes":2, "cherishing":2, "chic":2, "childish":-2, "chilling":-1, "choke":-2, "choked":-2, "chokes":-2, "choking":-2, "clarifies":2,' +
' "clarity":2, "clash":-2, "classy":3, "clean":2, "cleaner":2, "clear":1, "cleared":1, "clearly":1, "clears":1, "clever":2, "clouded":-1,' +
' "clueless":-2, "cock":-5, "cocksucker":-5, "cocksuckers":-5, "cocky":-2, "coerced":-2, "collapse":-2, "collapsed":-2, "collapses":-2,' +
' "collapsing":-2, "collide":-1, "collides":-1, "colliding":-1, "collision":-2, "collisions":-2, "colluding":-3, "combat":-1, "combats":-1,' +
' "comedy":1, "comfort":2, "comfortable":2, "comforting":2, "comforts":2, "commend":2, "commended":2, "commit":1, "commitment":2, "commits":1,' +
' "committed":1, "committing":1, "compassionate":2, "compelled":1, "competent":2, "competitive":2, "complacent":-2, "complain":-2, "complained":-2,' +
' "complains":-2, "comprehensive":2, "conciliate":2, "conciliated":2, "conciliates":2, "conciliating":2, "condemn":-2, "condemnation":-2,' +
' "condemned":-2, "condemns":-2, "confidence":2, "confident":2, "conflict":-2, "conflicting":-2, "conflictive":-2, "conflicts":-2, "confuse":-2,' +
' "confused":-2, "confusing":-2, "congrats":2, "congratulate":2, "congratulation":2, "congratulations":2, "consent":2, "consents":2, "consolable":2,' +
' "conspiracy":-3, "constrained":-2, "contagion":-2, "contagions":-2, "contagious":-1, "contempt":-2, "contemptuous":-2, "contemptuously":-2,' +
' "contend":-1, "contender":-1, "contending":-1, "contentious":-2, "contestable":-2, "controversial":-2, "controversially":-2, "convince":1,' +
' "convinced":1, "convinces":1, "convivial":2, "cool":1, "cool stuff":3, "cornered":-2, "corpse":-1, "costly":-2, "courage":2, "courageous":2,' +
' "courteous":2, "courtesy":2, "cover-up":-3, "coward":-2, "cowardly":-2, "coziness":2, "cramp":-1, "crap":-3, "crash":-2, "crazier":-2,' +
' "craziest":-2, "crazy":-2, "creative":2, "crestfallen":-2, "cried":-2, "cries":-2, "crime":-3, "criminal":-3, "criminals":-3, "crisis":-3,' +
' "critic":-2, "criticism":-2, "criticize":-2, "criticized":-2, "criticizes":-2, "criticizing":-2, "critics":-2, "cruel":-3, "cruelty":-3,' +
' "crush":-1, "crushed":-2, "crushes":-1, "crushing":-1, "cry":-1, "crying":-2, "cunt":-5, "curious":1, "curse":-1, "cut":-1, "cute":2,' +
' "cuts":-1, "cutting":-1, "cynic":-2, "cynical":-2, "cynicism":-2, "damage":-3, "damages":-3, "damn":-4, "damned":-4, "damnit":-4, "danger":-2,' +
' "daredevil":2, "daring":2, "darkest":-2, "darkness":-1, "dauntless":2, "dead":-3, "deadlock":-2, "deafening":-1, "dear":2, "dearly":3,' +
' "death":-2, "debonair":2, "debt":-2, "deceit":-3, "deceitful":-3, "deceive":-3, "deceived":-3, "deceives":-3, "deceiving":-3, "deception":-3,' +
' "decisive":1, "dedicated":2, "defeated":-2, "defect":-3, "defects":-3, "defender":2, "defenders":2, "defenseless":-2, "defer":-1,' +
' "deferring":-1, "defiant":-1, "deficit":-2, "degrade":-2, "degraded":-2, "degrades":-2, "dehumanize":-2, "dehumanized":-2, "dehumanizes":-2,' +
' "dehumanizing":-2, "deject":-2, "dejected":-2, "dejecting":-2, "dejects":-2, "delay":-1, "delayed":-1, "delight":3, "delighted":3,' +
' "delighting":3, "delights":3, "demand":-1, "demanded":-1, "demanding":-1, "demands":-1, "demonstration":-1, "demoralized":-2, "denied":-2,' +
' "denier":-2, "deniers":-2, "denies":-2, "denounce":-2, "denounces":-2, "deny":-2, "denying":-2, "depressed":-2, "depressing":-2, "derail":-2,' +
' "derailed":-2, "derails":-2, "deride":-2, "derided":-2, "derides":-2, "deriding":-2, "derision":-2, "desirable":2, "desire":1, "desired":2,' +
' "desirous":2, "despair":-3, "despairing":-3, "despairs":-3, "desperate":-3, "desperately":-3, "despondent":-3, "destroy":-3, "destroyed":-3,' +
' "destroying":-3, "destroys":-3, "destruction":-3, "destructive":-3, "detached":-1, "detain":-2, "detained":-2, "detention":-2, "determined":2,' +
' "devastate":-2, "devastated":-2, "devastating":-2, "devoted":3, "diamond":1, "dick":-4, "dickhead":-4, "die":-3, "died":-3, "difficult":-1,' +
' "diffident":-2, "dilemma":-1, "dipshit":-3, "dire":-3, "direful":-3, "dirt":-2, "dirtier":-2, "dirtiest":-2, "dirty":-2, "disabling":-1,' +
' "disadvantage":-2, "disadvantaged":-2, "disappear":-1, "disappeared":-1, "disappears":-1, "disappoint":-2, "disappointed":-2,' +
' "disappointing":-2, "disappointment":-2, "disappointments":-2, "disappoints":-2, "disaster":-2, "disasters":-2, "disastrous":-3,' +
' "disbelieve":-2, "discard":-1, "discarded":-1, "discarding":-1, "discards":-1, "disconsolate":-2, "disconsolation":-2, "discontented":-2,' +
' "discord":-2, "discounted":-1, "discouraged":-2, "discredited":-2, "disdain":-2, "disgrace":-2, "disgraced":-2, "disguise":-1, "disguised":-1,' +
' "disguises":-1, "disguising":-1, "disgust":-3, "disgusted":-3, "disgusting":-3, "disheartened":-2, "dishonest":-2, "disillusioned":-2,' +
' "disinclined":-2, "disjointed":-2, "dislike":-2, "dismal":-2, "dismayed":-2, "disorder":-2, "disorganized":-2, "disoriented":-2, "disparage":-2,' +
' "disparaged":-2, "disparages":-2, "disparaging":-2, "displeased":-2, "dispute":-2, "disputed":-2, "disputes":-2, "disputing":-2,' +
' "disqualified":-2, "disquiet":-2, "disregard":-2, "disregarded":-2, "disregarding":-2, "disregards":-2, "disrespect":-2, "disrespected":-2,' +
' "disruption":-2, "disruptions":-2, "disruptive":-2, "dissatisfied":-2, "distort":-2, "distorted":-2, "distorting":-2, "distorts":-2,' +
' "distract":-2, "distracted":-2, "distraction":-2, "distracts":-2, "distress":-2, "distressed":-2, "distresses":-2, "distressing":-2,' +
' "distrust":-3, "distrustful":-3, "disturb":-2, "disturbed":-2, "disturbing":-2, "disturbs":-2, "dithering":-2, "dizzy":-1, "dodging":-2,' +
' "dodgy":-2, "does not work":-3, "dolorous":-2, "dont like":-2, "doom":-2, "doomed":-2, "doubt":-1, "doubted":-1, "doubtful":-1, "doubting":-1,' +
' "doubts":-1, "douche":-3, "douchebag":-3, "downcast":-2, "downhearted":-2, "downside":-2, "drag":-1, "dragged":-1, "drags":-1, "drained":-2,' +
' "dread":-2, "dreaded":-2, "dreadful":-3, "dreading":-2, "dream":1, "dreams":1, "dreary":-2, "droopy":-2, "drop":-1, "drown":-2, "drowned":-2,' +
' "drowns":-2, "drunk":-2, "dubious":-2, "dud":-2, "dull":-2, "dumb":-3, "dumbass":-3, "dump":-1, "dumped":-2, "dumps":-1, "dupe":-2,' +
' "duped":-2, "dysfunction":-2, "eager":2, "earnest":2, "ease":2, "easy":1, "ecstatic":4, "eerie":-2, "eery":-2, "effective":2, "effectively":2,' +
' "elated":3, "elation":3, "elegant":2, "elegantly":2, "embarrass":-2, "embarrassed":-2, "embarrasses":-2, "embarrassing":-2, "embarrassment":-2,' +
' "embittered":-2, "embrace":1, "emergency":-2, "empathetic":2, "emptiness":-1, "empty":-1, "enchanted":2, "encourage":2, "encouraged":2,' +
' "encouragement":2, "encourages":2, "endorse":2, "endorsed":2, "endorsement":2, "endorses":2, "enemies":-2, "enemy":-2, "energetic":2,' +
' "engage":1, "engages":1, "engrossed":1, "enjoy":2, "enjoying":2, "enjoys":2, "enlighten":2, "enlightened":2, "enlightening":2, "enlightens":2,' +
' "ennui":-2, "enrage":-2, "enraged":-2, "enrages":-2, "enraging":-2, "enrapture":3, "enslave":-2, "enslaved":-2, "enslaves":-2, "ensure":1,' +
' "ensuring":1, "enterprising":1, "entertaining":2, "enthral":3, "enthusiastic":3, "entitled":1, "entrusted":2, "envies":-1, "envious":-2,' +
' "envy":-1, "envying":-1, "erroneous":-2, "error":-2, "errors":-2, "escape":-1, "escapes":-1, "escaping":-1, "esteemed":2, "ethical":2,' +
' "euphoria":3, "euphoric":4, "eviction":-1, "evil":-3, "exaggerate":-2, "exaggerated":-2, "exaggerates":-2, "exaggerating":-2, "exasperated":2,' +
' "excellence":3, "excellent":3, "excite":3, "excited":3, "excitement":3, "exciting":3, "exclude":-1, "excluded":-2, "exclusion":-1,' +
' "exclusive":2, "excuse":-1, "exempt":-1, "exhausted":-2, "exhilarated":3, "exhilarates":3, "exhilarating":3, "exonerate":2, "exonerated":2,' +
' "exonerates":2, "exonerating":2, "expand":1, "expands":1, "expel":-2, "expelled":-2, "expelling":-2, "expels":-2, "exploit":-2, "exploited":-2,' +
' "exploiting":-2, "exploits":-2, "exploration":1, "explorations":1, "expose":-1, "exposed":-1, "exposes":-1, "exposing":-1, "extend":1,' +
' "extends":1, "exuberant":4, "exultant":3, "exultantly":3, "fabulous":4, "fad":-2, "fag":-3, "faggot":-3, "faggots":-3, "fail":-2, "failed":-2,' +
' "failing":-2, "fails":-2, "failure":-2, "failures":-2, "fainthearted":-2, "fair":2, "faith":1, "faithful":3, "fake":-3, "fakes":-3, "faking":-3,' +
' "fallen":-2, "falling":-1, "falsified":-3, "falsify":-3, "fame":1, "fan":3, "fantastic":4, "farce":-1, "fascinate":3, "fascinated":3,' +
' "fascinates":3, "fascinating":3, "fascist":-2, "fascists":-2, "fatalities":-3, "fatality":-3, "fatigue":-2, "fatigued":-2, "fatigues":-2,' +
' "fatiguing":-2, "favor":2, "favored":2, "favorite":2, "favorited":2, "favorites":2, "favors":2, "fear":-2, "fearful":-2, "fearing":-2,' +
' "fearless":2, "fearsome":-2, "fed up":-3, "feeble":-2, "feeling":1, "felonies":-3, "felony":-3, "fervent":2, "fervid":2, "festive":2,' +
' "fiasco":-3, "fidgety":-2, "fight":-1, "fine":2, "fire":-2, "fired":-2, "firing":-2, "fit":1, "fitness":1, "flagship":2, "flees":-1, "flop":-2,' +
' "flops":-2, "flu":-2, "flustered":-2, "focused":2, "fond":2, "fondness":2, "fool":-2, "foolish":-2, "fools":-2, "forced":-1, "foreclosure":-2,' +
' "foreclosures":-2, "forget":-1, "forgetful":-2, "forgive":1, "forgiving":1, "forgotten":-1, "fortunate":2, "frantic":-1, "fraud":-4, "frauds":-4,' +
' "fraudster":-4, "fraudsters":-4, "fraudulence":-4, "fraudulent":-4, "free":1, "freedom":2, "frenzy":-3, "fresh":1, "friendly":2, "fright":-2,' +
' "frightened":-2, "frightening":-3, "frikin":-2, "frisky":2, "frowning":-1, "frustrate":-2, "frustrated":-2, "frustrates":-2, "frustrating":-2,' +
' "frustration":-2, "ftw":3, "fuck":-4, "fucked":-4, "fucker":-4, "fuckers":-4, "fuckface":-4, "fuckhead":-4, "fucking":-4, "fucktard":-4,' +
' "fud":-3, "fuked":-4, "fuking":-4, "fulfill":2, "fulfilled":2, "fulfills":2, "fuming":-2, "fun":4, "funeral":-1, "funerals":-1, "funky":2,' +
' "funnier":4, "funny":4, "furious":-3, "futile":2, "gag":-2, "gagged":-2, "gain":2, "gained":2, "gaining":2, "gains":2, "gallant":3,' +
' "gallantly":3, "gallantry":3, "generous":2, "genial":3, "ghost":-1, "giddy":-2, "gift":2, "glad":3, "glamorous":3, "glamourous":3, "glee":3,' +
' "gleeful":3, "gloom":-1, "gloomy":-2, "glorious":2, "glory":2, "glum":-2, "god":1, "goddamn":-3, "godsend":4, "good":3, "goodness":3, "grace":1,' +
' "gracious":3, "grand":3, "grant":1, "granted":1, "granting":1, "grants":1, "grateful":3, "gratification":2, "grave":-2, "gray":-1, "great":3,' +
' "greater":3, "greatest":3, "greed":-3, "greedy":-2, "green wash":-3, "green washing":-3, "greenwash":-3, "greenwasher":-3, "greenwashers":-3,' +
' "greenwashing":-3, "greet":1, "greeted":1, "greeting":1, "greetings":2, "greets":1, "grey":-1, "grief":-2, "grieved":-2, "gross":-2, "growing":1,' +
' "growth":2, "guarantee":1, "guilt":-3, "guilty":-3, "gullibility":-2, "gullible":-2, "gun":-1, "ha":2, "hacked":-1, "haha":3, "hahaha":3,' +
' "hahahah":3, "hail":2, "hailed":2, "hapless":-2, "haplessness":-2, "happiness":3, "happy":3, "hard":-1, "hardier":2, "hardship":-2, "hardy":2,' +
' "harm":-2, "harmed":-2, "harmful":-2, "harming":-2, "harms":-2, "harried":-2, "harsh":-2, "harsher":-2, "harshest":-2, "hate":-3, "hated":-3,' +
' "haters":-3, "hates":-3, "hating":-3, "haunt":-1, "haunted":-2, "haunting":1, "haunts":-1, "havoc":-2, "healthy":2, "heartbreaking":-3,' +
' "heartbroken":-3, "heartfelt":3, "heaven":2, "heavenly":4, "heavyhearted":-2, "hell":-4, "help":2, "helpful":2, "helping":2, "helpless":-2,' +
' "helps":2, "hero":2, "heroes":2, "heroic":3, "hesitant":-2, "hesitate":-2, "hid":-1, "hide":-1, "hides":-1, "hiding":-1, "highlight":2,' +
' "hilarious":2, "hindrance":-2, "hoax":-2, "homesick":-2, "honest":2, "honor":2, "honored":2, "honoring":2, "honour":2, "honoured":2,' +
' "honouring":2, "hooligan":-2, "hooliganism":-2, "hooligans":-2, "hope":2, "hopeful":2, "hopefully":2, "hopeless":-2, "hopelessness":-2,' +
' "hopes":2, "hoping":2, "horrendous":-3, "horrible":-3, "horrific":-3, "horrified":-3, "hostile":-2, "huckster":-2, "hug":2, "huge":1, "hugs":2,' +
' "humerous":3, "humiliated":-3, "humiliation":-3, "humor":2, "humorous":2, "humour":2, "humourous":2, "hunger":-2, "hurrah":5, "hurt":-2,' +
' "hurting":-2, "hurts":-2, "hypocritical":-2, "hysteria":-3, "hysterical":-3, "hysterics":-3, "idiot":-3, "idiotic":-3, "ignorance":-2,' +
' "ignorant":-2, "ignore":-1, "ignored":-2, "ignores":-1, "ill":-2, "illegal":-3, "illiteracy":-2, "illness":-2, "illnesses":-2, "imbecile":-3,' +
' "immobilized":-1, "immortal":2, "immune":1, "impatient":-2, "imperfect":-2, "importance":2, "important":2, "impose":-1, "imposed":-1,' +
' "imposes":-1, "imposing":-1, "impotent":-2, "impress":3, "impressed":3, "impresses":3, "impressive":3, "imprisoned":-2, "improve":2,' +
' "improved":2, "improvement":2, "improves":2, "improving":2, "inability":-2, "inaction":-2, "inadequate":-2, "incapable":-2, "incapacitated":-2,' +
' "incensed":-2, "incompetence":-2, "incompetent":-2, "inconsiderate":-2, "inconvenience":-2, "inconvenient":-2, "increase":1, "increased":1,' +
' "indecisive":-2, "indestructible":2, "indifference":-2, "indifferent":-2, "indignant":-2, "indignation":-2, "indoctrinate":-2,' +
' "indoctrinated":-2, "indoctrinates":-2, "indoctrinating":-2, "ineffective":-2, "ineffectively":-2, "infatuated":2, "infatuation":2,' +
' "infected":-2, "inferior":-2, "inflamed":-2, "influential":2, "infringement":-2, "infuriate":-2, "infuriated":-2, "infuriates":-2,' +
' "infuriating":-2, "inhibit":-1, "injured":-2, "injury":-2, "injustice":-2, "innovate":1, "innovates":1, "innovation":1, "innovative":2,' +
' "inquisition":-2, "inquisitive":2, "insane":-2, "insanity":-2, "insecure":-2, "insensitive":-2, "insensitivity":-2, "insignificant":-2,' +
' "insipid":-2, "inspiration":2, "inspirational":2, "inspire":2, "inspired":2, "inspires":2, "inspiring":3, "insult":-2, "insulted":-2,' +
' "insulting":-2, "insults":-2, "intact":2, "integrity":2, "intelligent":2, "intense":1, "interest":1, "interested":2, "interesting":2,' +
' "interests":1, "interrogated":-2, "interrupt":-2, "interrupted":-2, "interrupting":-2, "interruption":-2, "interrupts":-2, "intimidate":-2,' +
' "intimidated":-2, "intimidates":-2, "intimidating":-2, "intimidation":-2, "intricate":2, "intrigues":1, "invincible":2, "invite":1,' +
' "inviting":1, "invulnerable":2, "irate":-3, "ironic":-1, "irony":-1, "irrational":-1, "irresistible":2, "irresolute":-2, "irresponsible":2,' +
' "irreversible":-1, "irritate":-3, "irritated":-3, "irritating":-3, "isolated":-1, "itchy":-2, "jackass":-4, "jackasses":-4, "jailed":-2,' +
' "jaunty":2, "jealous":-2, "jeopardy":-2, "jerk":-3, "jesus":1, "jewel":1, "jewels":1, "jocular":2, "join":1, "joke":2, "jokes":2, "jolly":2,' +
' "jovial":2, "joy":3, "joyful":3, "joyfully":3, "joyless":-2, "joyous":3, "jubilant":3, "jumpy":-1, "justice":2, "justifiably":2, "justified":2,' +
' "keen":1, "kill":-3, "killed":-3, "killing":-3, "kills":-3, "kind":2, "kinder":2, "kiss":2, "kudos":3, "lack":-2, "lackadaisical":-2, "lag":-1,' +
' "lagged":-2, "lagging":-2, "lags":-2, "lame":-2, "landmark":2, "laugh":1, "laughed":1, "laughing":1, "laughs":1, "laughting":1, "launched":1,' +
' "lawl":3, "lawsuit":-2, "lawsuits":-2, "lazy":-1, "leak":-1, "leaked":-1, "leave":-1, "legal":1, "legally":1, "lenient":1, "lethargic":-2,' +
' "lethargy":-2, "liar":-3, "liars":-3, "libelous":-2, "lied":-2, "lifesaver":4, "lighthearted":1, "like":2, "liked":2, "likes":2, "limitation":-1,' +
' "limited":-1, "limits":-1, "litigation":-1, "litigious":-2, "lively":2, "livid":-2, "lmao":4, "lmfao":4, "loathe":-3, "loathed":-3, "loathes":-3,' +
' "loathing":-3, "lobby":-2, "lobbying":-2, "lol":3, "lonely":-2, "lonesome":-2, "longing":-1, "loom":-1, "loomed":-1, "looming":-1, "looms":-1,' +
' "loose":-3, "looses":-3, "loser":-3, "losing":-3, "loss":-3, "lost":-3, "lovable":3, "love":3, "loved":3, "lovelies":3, "lovely":3, "loving":2,' +
' "lowest":-1, "loyal":3, "loyalty":3, "luck":3, "luckily":3, "lucky":3, "lugubrious":-2, "lunatic":-3, "lunatics":-3, "lurk":-1, "lurking":-1,' +
' "lurks":-1, "mad":-3, "maddening":-3, "made-up":-1, "madly":-3, "madness":-3, "mandatory":-1, "manipulated":-1, "manipulating":-1,' +
' "manipulation":-1, "marvel":3, "marvelous":3, "marvels":3, "masterpiece":4, "masterpieces":4, "matter":1, "matters":1, "mature":2,' +
' "meaningful":2, "meaningless":-2, "medal":3, "mediocrity":-3, "meditative":1, "melancholy":-2, "menace":-2, "menaced":-2, "mercy":2,' +
' "merry":3, "mess":-2, "messed":-2, "messing up":-2, "methodical":2, "mindless":-2, "miracle":4, "mirth":3, "mirthful":3, "mirthfully":3,' +
' "misbehave":-2, "misbehaved":-2, "misbehaves":-2, "misbehaving":-2, "mischief":-1, "mischiefs":-1, "miserable":-3, "misery":-2, "misgiving":-2,' +
' "misinformation":-2, "misinformed":-2, "misinterpreted":-2, "misleading":-3, "misread":-1, "misreporting":-2, "misrepresentation":-2, "miss":-2,' +
' "missed":-2, "missing":-2, "mistake":-2, "mistaken":-2, "mistakes":-2, "mistaking":-2, "misunderstand":-2, "misunderstanding":-2,' +
' "misunderstands":-2, "misunderstood":-2, "moan":-2, "moaned":-2, "moaning":-2, "moans":-2, "mock":-2, "mocked":-2, "mocking":-2, "mocks":-2,' +
' "mongering":-2, "monopolize":-2, "monopolized":-2, "monopolizes":-2, "monopolizing":-2, "moody":-1, "mope":-1, "moping":-1, "moron":-3,' +
' "motherfucker":-5, "motherfucking":-5, "motivate":1, "motivated":2, "motivating":2, "motivation":1, "mourn":-2, "mourned":-2, "mournful":-2,' +
' "mourning":-2, "mourns":-2, "mumpish":-2, "murder":-2, "murderer":-2, "murdering":-3, "murderous":-3, "murders":-2, "myth":-1, "n00b":-2,' +
' "naive":-2, "nasty":-3, "natural":1, "naïve":-2, "needy":-2, "negative":-2, "negativity":-2, "neglect":-2, "neglected":-2, "neglecting":-2,' +
' "neglects":-2, "nerves":-1, "nervous":-2, "nervously":-2, "nice":3, "nifty":2, "niggas":-5, "nigger":-5, "no":-1, "no fun":-3, "noble":2,' +
' "noisy":-1, "nonsense":-2, "noob":-2, "nosey":-2, "not good":-2, "not working":-3, "notorious":-2, "novel":2, "numb":-1, "nuts":-3,' +
' "obliterate":-2, "obliterated":-2, "obnoxious":-3, "obscene":-2, "obsessed":2, "obsolete":-2, "obstacle":-2, "obstacles":-2, "obstinate":-2,' +
' "odd":-2, "offend":-2, "offended":-2, "offender":-2, "offending":-2, "offends":-2, "offline":-1, "oks":2, "ominous":3, "once-in-a-lifetime":3,' +
' "opportunities":2, "opportunity":2, "oppressed":-2, "oppressive":-2, "optimism":2, "optimistic":2, "optionless":-2, "outcry":-2,' +
' "outmaneuvered":-2, "outrage":-3, "outraged":-3, "outreach":2, "outstanding":5, "overjoyed":4, "overload":-1, "overlooked":-1, "overreact":-2,' +
' "overreacted":-2, "overreaction":-2, "overreacts":-2, "oversell":-2, "overselling":-2, "oversells":-2, "oversimplification":-2,' +
' "oversimplified":-2, "oversimplifies":-2, "oversimplify":-2, "overstatement":-2, "overstatements":-2, "overweight":-1, "oxymoron":-1, "pain":-2,' +
' "pained":-2, "panic":-3, "panicked":-3, "panics":-3, "paradise":3, "paradox":-1, "pardon":2, "pardoned":2, "pardoning":2, "pardons":2,' +
' "parley":-1, "passionate":2, "passive":-1, "passively":-1, "pathetic":-2, "pay":-1, "peace":2, "peaceful":2, "peacefully":2, "penalty":-2,' +
' "pensive":-1, "perfect":3, "perfected":2, "perfectly":3, "perfects":2, "peril":-2, "perjury":-3, "perpetrator":-2, "perpetrators":-2,' +
' "perplexed":-2, "persecute":-2, "persecuted":-2, "persecutes":-2, "persecuting":-2, "perturbed":-2, "pesky":-2, "pessimism":-2,' +
' "pessimistic":-2, "petrified":-2, "phobic":-2, "picturesque":2, "pileup":-1, "pique":-2, "piqued":-2, "piss":-4, "pissed":-4, "pissing":-3,' +
' "piteous":-2, "pitied":-1, "pity":-2, "playful":2, "pleasant":3, "please":1, "pleased":3, "pleasure":3, "poised":-2, "poison":-2, "poisoned":-2,' +
' "poisons":-2, "pollute":-2, "polluted":-2, "polluter":-2, "polluters":-2, "pollutes":-2, "poor":-2, "poorer":-2, "poorest":-2, "popular":3,' +
' "positive":2, "positively":2, "possessive":-2, "postpone":-1, "postponed":-1, "postpones":-1, "postponing":-1, "poverty":-1, "powerful":2,' +
' "powerless":-2, "praise":3, "praised":3, "praises":3, "praising":3, "pray":1, "praying":1, "prays":1, "prblm":-2, "prblms":-2, "prepared":1,' +
' "pressure":-1, "pressured":-2, "pretend":-1, "pretending":-1, "pretends":-1, "pretty":1, "prevent":-1, "prevented":-1, "preventing":-1,' +
' "prevents":-1, "prick":-5, "prison":-2, "prisoner":-2, "prisoners":-2, "privileged":2, "proactive":2, "problem":-2, "problems":-2,' +
' "profiteer":-2, "progress":2, "prominent":2, "promise":1, "promised":1, "promises":1, "promote":1, "promoted":1, "promotes":1, "promoting":1,' +
' "propaganda":-2, "prosecute":-1, "prosecuted":-2, "prosecutes":-1, "prosecution":-1, "prospect":1, "prospects":1, "prosperous":3, "protect":1,' +
' "protected":1, "protects":1, "protest":-2, "protesters":-2, "protesting":-2, "protests":-2, "proud":2, "proudly":2, "provoke":-1, "provoked":-1,' +
' "provokes":-1, "provoking":-1, "pseudoscience":-3, "punish":-2, "punished":-2, "punishes":-2, "punitive":-2, "pushy":-1, "puzzled":-2,' +
' "quaking":-2, "questionable":-2, "questioned":-1, "questioning":-1, "racism":-3, "racist":-3, "racists":-3, "rage":-2, "rageful":-2,' +
' "rainy":-1, "rant":-3, "ranter":-3, "ranters":-3, "rants":-3, "rape":-4, "rapist":-4, "rapture":2, "raptured":2, "raptures":2, "rapturous":4,' +
' "rash":-2, "ratified":2, "reach":1, "reached":1, "reaches":1, "reaching":1, "reassure":1, "reassured":1, "reassures":1, "reassuring":2,' +
' "rebellion":-2, "recession":-2, "reckless":-2, "recommend":2, "recommended":2, "recommends":2, "redeemed":2, "refuse":-2, "refused":-2,' +
' "refusing":-2, "regret":-2, "regretful":-2, "regrets":-2, "regretted":-2, "regretting":-2, "reject":-1, "rejected":-1, "rejecting":-1,' +
' "rejects":-1, "rejoice":4, "rejoiced":4, "rejoices":4, "rejoicing":4, "relaxed":2, "relentless":-1, "reliant":2, "relieve":1, "relieved":2,' +
' "relieves":1, "relieving":2, "relishing":2, "remarkable":2, "remorse":-2, "repulse":-1, "repulsed":-2, "rescue":2, "rescued":2, "rescues":2,' +
' "resentful":-2, "resign":-1, "resigned":-1, "resigning":-1, "resigns":-1, "resolute":2, "resolve":2, "resolved":2, "resolves":2, "resolving":2,' +
' "respected":2, "responsible":2, "responsive":2, "restful":2, "restless":-2, "restore":1, "restored":1, "restores":1, "restoring":1, "restrict":-2,' +
' "restricted":-2, "restricting":-2, "restriction":-2, "restricts":-2, "retained":-1, "retard":-2, "retarded":-2, "retreat":-1, "revenge":-2,' +
' "revengeful":-2, "revered":2, "revive":2, "revives":2, "reward":2, "rewarded":2, "rewarding":2, "rewards":2, "rich":2, "ridiculous":-3,' +
' "rig":-1, "rigged":-1, "right direction":3, "rigorous":3, "rigorously":3, "riot":-2, "riots":-2, "risk":-2, "risks":-2, "rob":-2, "robber":-2,' +
' "robed":-2, "robing":-2, "robs":-2, "robust":2, "rofl":4, "roflcopter":4, "roflmao":4, "romance":2, "rotfl":4, "rotflmfao":4, "rotflol":4,' +
' "ruin":-2, "ruined":-2, "ruining":-2, "ruins":-2, "sabotage":-2, "sad":-2, "sadden":-2, "saddened":-2, "sadly":-2, "safe":1, "safely":1,' +
' "safety":1, "salient":1, "sappy":-1, "sarcastic":-2, "satisfied":2, "save":2, "saved":2, "scam":-2, "scams":-2, "scandal":-3, "scandalous":-3,' +
' "scandals":-3, "scapegoat":-2, "scapegoats":-2, "scare":-2, "scared":-2, "scary":-2, "sceptical":-2, "scold":-2, "scoop":3, "scorn":-2,' +
' "scornful":-2, "scream":-2, "screamed":-2, "screaming":-2, "screams":-2, "screwed":-2, "screwed up":-3, "scumbag":-4, "secure":2, "secured":2,' +
' "secures":2, "sedition":-2, "seditious":-2, "seduced":-1, "self-confident":2, "self-deluded":-2, "selfish":-3, "selfishness":-3, "sentence":-2,' +
' "sentenced":-2, "sentences":-2, "sentencing":-2, "serene":2, "severe":-2, "sexy":3, "shaky":-2, "shame":-2, "shamed":-2, "shameful":-2,' +
' "share":1, "shared":1, "shares":1, "shattered":-2, "shit":-4, "shithead":-4, "shitty":-3, "shock":-2, "shocked":-2, "shocking":-2, "shocks":-2,' +
' "shoot":-1, "short-sighted":-2, "short-sightedness":-2, "shortage":-2, "shortages":-2, "shrew":-4, "shy":-1, "sick":-2, "sigh":-2,' +
' "significance":1, "significant":1, "silencing":-1, "silly":-1, "sincere":2, "sincerely":2, "sincerest":2, "sincerity":2, "sinful":-3,' +
' "singleminded":-2, "skeptic":-2, "skeptical":-2, "skepticism":-2, "skeptics":-2, "slam":-2, "slash":-2, "slashed":-2, "slashes":-2,' +
' "slashing":-2, "slavery":-3, "sleeplessness":-2, "slick":2, "slicker":2, "slickest":2, "sluggish":-2, "slut":-5, "smart":1, "smarter":2,' +
' "smartest":2, "smear":-2, "smile":2, "smiled":2, "smiles":2, "smiling":2, "smog":-2, "sneaky":-1, "snub":-2, "snubbed":-2, "snubbing":-2,' +
' "snubs":-2, "sobering":1, "solemn":-1, "solid":2, "solidarity":2, "solution":1, "solutions":1, "solve":1, "solved":1, "solves":1, "solving":1,' +
' "somber":-2, "some kind":0, "son-of-a-bitch":-5, "soothe":3, "soothed":3, "soothing":3, "sophisticated":2, "sore":-1, "sorrow":-2,' +
' "sorrowful":-2, "sorry":-1, "spam":-2, "spammer":-3, "spammers":-3, "spamming":-2, "spark":1, "sparkle":3, "sparkles":3, "sparkling":3,' +
' "speculative":-2, "spirit":1, "spirited":2, "spiritless":-2, "spiteful":-2, "splendid":3, "sprightly":2, "squelched":-1, "stab":-2,' +
' "stabbed":-2, "stable":2, "stabs":-2, "stall":-2, "stalled":-2, "stalling":-2, "stamina":2, "stampede":-2, "startled":-2, "starve":-2,' +
' "starved":-2, "starves":-2, "starving":-2, "steadfast":2, "steal":-2, "steals":-2, "stereotype":-2, "stereotyped":-2, "stifled":-1,' +
' "stimulate":1, "stimulated":1, "stimulates":1, "stimulating":2, "stingy":-2, "stolen":-2, "stop":-1, "stopped":-1, "stopping":-1,' +
' "stops":-1, "stout":2, "straight":1, "strange":-1, "strangely":-1, "strangled":-2, "strength":2, "strengthen":2, "strengthened":2,' +
' "strengthening":2, "strengthens":2, "stressed":-2, "stressor":-2, "stressors":-2, "stricken":-2, "strike":-1, "strikers":-2, "strikes":-1,' +
' "strong":2, "stronger":2, "strongest":2, "struck":-1, "struggle":-2, "struggled":-2, "struggles":-2, "struggling":-2, "stubborn":-2,' +
' "stuck":-2, "stunned":-2, "stunning":4, "stupid":-2, "stupidly":-2, "suave":2, "substantial":1, "substantially":1, "subversive":-2,' +
' "success":2, "successful":3, "suck":-3, "sucks":-3, "suffer":-2, "suffering":-2, "suffers":-2, "suicidal":-2, "suicide":-2, "suing":-2,' +
' "sulking":-2, "sulky":-2, "sullen":-2, "sunshine":2, "super":3, "superb":5, "superior":2, "support":2, "supported":2, "supporter":1,' +
' "supporters":1, "supporting":1, "supportive":2, "supports":2, "survived":2, "surviving":2, "survivor":2, "suspect":-1, "suspected":-1,' +
' "suspecting":-1, "suspects":-1, "suspend":-1, "suspended":-1, "suspicious":-2, "swear":-2, "swearing":-2, "swears":-2, "sweet":2, "swift":2,' +
' "swiftly":2, "swindle":-3, "swindles":-3, "swindling":-3, "sympathetic":2, "sympathy":2, "tard":-2, "tears":-2, "tender":2, "tense":-2,' +
' "tension":-1, "terrible":-3, "terribly":-3, "terrific":4, "terrified":-3, "terror":-3, "terrorize":-3, "terrorized":-3, "terrorizes":-3,' +
' "thank":2, "thankful":2, "thanks":2, "thorny":-2, "thoughtful":2, "thoughtless":-2, "threat":-2, "threaten":-2, "threatened":-2,' +
' "threatening":-2, "threatens":-2, "threats":-2, "thrilled":5, "thwart":-2, "thwarted":-2, "thwarting":-2, "thwarts":-2, "timid":-2,' +
' "timorous":-2, "tired":-2, "tits":-2, "tolerant":2, "toothless":-2, "top":2, "tops":2, "torn":-2, "torture":-4, "tortured":-4, "tortures":-4,' +
' "torturing":-4, "totalitarian":-2, "totalitarianism":-2, "tout":-2, "touted":-2, "touting":-2, "touts":-2, "tragedy":-2, "tragic":-2,' +
' "tranquil":2, "trap":-1, "trapped":-2, "trauma":-3, "traumatic":-3, "travesty":-2, "treason":-3, "treasonous":-3, "treasure":2, "treasures":2,' +
' "trembling":-2, "tremulous":-2, "tricked":-2, "trickery":-2, "triumph":4, "triumphant":4, "trouble":-2, "troubled":-2, "troubles":-2, "true":2,' +
' "trust":1, "trusted":2, "tumor":-2, "twat":-5, "ugly":-3, "unacceptable":-2, "unappreciated":-2, "unapproved":-2, "unaware":-2,' +
' "unbelievable":-1, "unbelieving":-1, "unbiased":2, "uncertain":-1, "unclear":-1, "uncomfortable":-2, "unconcerned":-2, "unconfirmed":-1,' +
' "unconvinced":-1, "uncredited":-1, "undecided":-1, "underestimate":-1, "underestimated":-1, "underestimates":-1, "underestimating":-1,' +
' "undermine":-2, "undermined":-2, "undermines":-2, "undermining":-2, "undeserving":-2, "undesirable":-2, "uneasy":-2, "unemployment":-2,' +
' "unequal":-1, "unequaled":2, "unethical":-2, "unfair":-2, "unfocused":-2, "unfulfilled":-2, "unhappy":-2, "unhealthy":-2, "unified":1,' +
' "unimpressed":-2, "unintelligent":-2, "united":1, "unjust":-2, "unlovable":-2, "unloved":-2, "unmatched":1, "unmotivated":-2,' +
' "unprofessional":-2, "unresearched":-2, "unsatisfied":-2, "unsecured":-2, "unsettled":-1, "unsophisticated":-2, "unstable":-2,' +
' "unstoppable":2, "unsupported":-2, "unsure":-1, "untarnished":2, "unwanted":-2, "unworthy":-2, "upset":-2, "upsets":-2, "upsetting":-2,' +
' "uptight":-2, "urgent":-1, "useful":2, "usefulness":2, "useless":-2, "uselessness":-2, "vague":-2, "validate":1, "validated":1,' +
' "validates":1, "validating":1, "verdict":-1, "verdicts":-1, "vested":1, "vexation":-2, "vexing":-2, "vibrant":3, "vicious":-2, "victim":-3,' +
' "victimize":-3, "victimized":-3, "victimizes":-3, "victimizing":-3, "victims":-3, "vigilant":3, "vile":-3, "vindicate":2, "vindicated":2,' +
' "vindicates":2, "vindicating":2, "violate":-2, "violated":-2, "violates":-2, "violating":-2, "violence":-3, "violent":-3, "virtuous":2,' +
' "virulent":-2, "vision":1, "visionary":3, "visioning":1, "visions":1, "vitality":3, "vitamin":1, "vitriolic":-3, "vivacious":3, "vociferous":-1,' +
' "vulnerability":-2, "vulnerable":-2, "walkout":-2, "walkouts":-2, "wanker":-3, "want":1, "war":-2, "warfare":-2, "warm":1, "warmth":2,' +
' "warn":-2, "warned":-2, "warning":-3, "warnings":-3, "warns":-2, "waste":-1, "wasted":-2, "wasting":-2, "wavering":-1, "weak":-2, "weakness":-2,' +
' "wealth":3, "wealthy":2, "weary":-2, "weep":-2, "weeping":-2, "weird":-2, "welcome":2, "welcomed":2, "welcomes":2, "whimsical":1,' +
' "whitewash":-3, "whore":-4, "wicked":-2, "widowed":-1, "willingness":2, "win":4, "winner":4, "winning":4, "wins":4, "winwin":3, "wish":1,' +
' "wishes":1, "wishing":1, "withdrawal":-3, "woebegone":-2, "woeful":-3, "won":3, "wonderful":4, "woo":3, "woohoo":3, "wooo":4, "woow":4,' +
' "worn":-1, "worried":-3, "worry":-3, "worrying":-3, "worse":-3, "worsen":-3, "worsened":-3, "worsening":-3, "worsens":-3, "worshiped":3,' +
' "worst":-3, "worth":2, "worthless":-2, "worthy":2, "wow":4, "wowow":4, "wowww":4, "wrathful":-3, "wreck":-2, "wrong":-2, "wronged":-2, "wtf":-4,' +
' "yeah":1, "yearning":1, "yeees":2, "yes":1, "youthful":2, "yucky":-2, "yummy":3, "zealot":-2, "zealots":-2, "zealous":2}')
T2S_WHITESPACE = /(([ \t.,;']+)|^|$)/
# This function scans through the text, and makes a naive guess at the sentiment
# based on how often words flagged as positive or negative appear.
def text2sentiment(text)
words = text.downcase.split(T2S_WHITESPACE)
total = 0
matches = 0
words.each_with_index do |word, index|
second_word = words[index+1] || ''
third_word = words[index+2] || ''
[ word,
[word, second_word].join(' '),
[word, second_word, third_word].join(' ')].each do |candidate|
if SENTIMENT_WORDS[candidate]
total += SENTIMENT_WORDS[candidate]
matches += 1
if matches == 0
result = 0
result = total / matches.to_f
if __FILE__ == $0
test_text = <<-TEXT
.@tacobell doing crazy stuff with @snapchat right now- just saying
I left when young but it's in my bones. Detroit Tigers caps 4 sale in the airport took me back to Tiger Stadium circa 1971. My first game.
I earned 367785 points (#125603) and 515 results (#24236) by donating over 97 days (#212340) of cpu time to WCG
Here's a bit where I wonder if @comcast just kept Apple out of USA TV market: … Major push forward for my TV.
Just being in this city brings back a wave of memories.
Hahaha, @ashleymadison is based in Canada. I pick on Canada for all the "real" stuff, so I'll leave this one alone.
Great trip. Thanks for the warm welcome, Dallas and Fort Worth- and special thanks to @dfwworld for putting it all together! <3
Just completed a 4.15 mi run with @RunKeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper
@BRoodman Cinder blocks and 2x8's win every time.
How have google not sent @DanaDelany Glass yet so she can troll @jeriryan on set?
I'm doing some research on the size of the infidelity market for a friend of mine (he's a politician). Anybody have stats? cc:@ashleymadison
Are leaning bookshelves going to go out of style? I'm in market now.
Helpful article from @GwydionS on how playwrights can Tweet effectively. Be sure to check out the comments section! …
Melbourne Ports profile features very interesting maps. Very distinct voting patterns in different parts of the seat
@bryce Does that mean a caddy will take my bike up the steepest blocks?
Bitcoin gambling in a Minecraft world #bitcoin
“It is at the moment o f a craft’s disappearance that its cultural value suddenly becomes plain to see.”Sign Painters
Subdee on Phonogram and the magic of pop: …
FOOL1: "haha $COMMUNTY is $STEREOTYPE, so I will troll it with $PARODY"
FOOL2: omg did you read $PARODY ?$COMMUNITY is so like $STEREOTYPE !
Gene Simmons and KISS: Channeling One’s Inner Superhero
The data science Venn diagram as syllabus …
British Style Bangers With 6.8% Toasted Bread Crumbs (Made In USA)
Every time Microsoft Outlook tells me I'm over my email limit I check to see if my acoustic coupler is secure.
If you use @comcast the new X1 DVR ABSOLUTELY ROCKS. Much sharper, faster, easier to use:
Twitter legal dept just notified me that NY District Attorney has requested access to my account for The People vs Mona Eltahawy case.
Watch SVP Mark Muehl demonstrate our cloud-based X1 platform powered by #OpenStack
Has anyone read this? Awareness: The Perils and Opportunities of Reality
I’m tired and don’t feel like doing things. Going to bed early. I’ll triage my horrorshow of an inbox tomorrow night.
The press conference was more about the press than the President, @Lawrence notes.
We are looking for an experienced ruby developer to join our awesome team. More here:
I need to learn to lock my laptop screen. :'(
.@mshocked seeks redemption for her anti-gay rants by dropping into a small local FM station.
I hate this hotel!
test_tweets = test_text.split("\n")
puts "score | text"
test_tweets.each do |tweet|
sentiment = text2sentiment(tweet)
puts sentiment.to_s + "\t" + tweet