How to save your Excel spreadsheet in the right format

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To create an OpenHeatMap from your spreadsheet data, you need to save it out as a ‘Comma-Separated Variable’ (CSV) file, and then upload it to the service. Here’s the steps you need in Excel 2007, they should be similar across other versions:

1 – Go to ‘Save As’ in the main menu, and choose ‘Other Formats’:

2- In the dialog that appears, pick a name for your file and make a note of which folder you’re saving to. You’ll need to navigate back to that folder when you’re ready to upload the data. Choose ‘CSV (Comma delimited)’ from the ‘Save as type’ drop-down:

3- Click ‘Yes’ on the warning about saving only the active sheet

4- Also choose ‘Yes’ on the features warning

You should now have a CSV file on your hard drive, ready to upload to OpenHeatMap. For that step, see How to upload your data to OpenHeatMap

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