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#!/usr/bin/env python
# A test script for the ParallelCurl class
# This example fetches a 100 different results from Google's search API, with no more
# than 10 outstanding at any time.
# By Pete Warden <>, freely reusable, see for more
import pyparallelcurl
import pycurl
import urllib
import json
import sys
# This function gets called back for each request that completes
def on_request_done(content, url, ch, search):
if content is None:
print "Fetch error for "+url
httpcode = ch.getinfo(pycurl.HTTP_CODE);
if httpcode != 200:
print "Fetch error "+str(httpcode)+" for '"+url+"'"
responseobject = json.loads(content)
if 'responseData' not in responseobject or 'results' not in responseobject['responseData']:
print "No results found for '"+search+"'"
print "********"
print search+":"
print "********"
allresponseresults = responseobject['responseData']['results']
for responseresult in allresponseresults:
title = responseresult['title']
print title
# The terms to search for on Google
terms_list = [
"John", "Mary",
"William", "Anna",
"James", "Emma",
"George", "Elizabeth",
"Charles", "Margaret",
"Frank", "Minnie",
"Joseph", "Ida",
"Henry", "Bertha",
"Robert", "Clara",
"Thomas", "Alice",
"Edward", "Annie",
"Harry", "Florence",
"Walter", "Bessie",
"Arthur", "Grace",
"Fred", "Ethel",
"Albert", "Sarah",
"Samuel", "Ella",
"Clarence", "Martha",
"Louis", "Nellie",
"David", "Mabel",
"Joe", "Laura",
"Charlie", "Carrie",
"Richard", "Cora",
"Ernest", "Helen",
"Roy", "Maude",
"Will", "Lillian",
"Andrew", "Gertrude",
"Jesse", "Rose",
"Oscar", "Edna",
"Willie", "Pearl",
"Daniel", "Edith",
"Benjamin", "Jennie",
"Carl", "Hattie",
"Sam", "Mattie",
"Alfred", "Eva",
"Earl", "Julia",
"Peter", "Myrtle",
"Elmer", "Louise",
"Frederick", "Lillie",
"Howard", "Jessie",
"Lewis", "Frances",
"Ralph", "Catherine",
"Herbert", "Lula",
"Paul", "Lena",
"Lee", "Marie",
"Tom", "Ada",
"Herman", "Josephine",
"Martin", "Fanny",
"Jacob", "Lucy",
"Michael", "Dora"
if len(sys.argv) > 1:
max_requests = sys.argv[1]
max_requests = 10
curl_options = {
pycurl.SSL_VERIFYPEER: False,
pycurl.SSL_VERIFYHOST: False,
pycurl.USERAGENT: 'Parallel Curl test script',
parallel_curl = pyparallelcurl.ParallelCurl(max_requests, curl_options)
for terms in terms_list:
search = '"'+terms+' is a"';
search_url = SEARCH_URL_PREFIX+'&'+urllib.urlencode({'q':terms})
parallel_curl.startrequest(search_url, on_request_done, search)
# This should be called when you need to wait for the requests to finish.
# This will automatically run on destruct of the ParallelCurl object, so the next line is optional.
print 'max_requests='+str(max_requests)