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#!/usr/bin/env python
# simple equity ranking backtest with python/pandas
# for more info
import code
import pandas as pd
pd.set_option('line_width', pd.util.terminal.get_terminal_size()[0])
import numpy as np
import os
#the data is in this directory, 1 file per security named SYM.csv
datadir = './etfdata'
ohlc_dict = {'Open':'first','High':'max','Low':'min','Close': 'last','Volume': 'sum', 'Adj Close':'last'}
agg_tf = 'M'
#average annual return
def avg_ar(rets):
y = np.exp(np.sum(rets))
n = len(rets)
avg_ret = np.exp(np.log(y)/n)
if agg_tf == 'M':
k = 12
k = 52
return pow(avg_ret, k)
#the gain to pain ratio
def gp(rets, log=True):
if log:
rets = np.exp(rets) - 1
return np.sum(rets)/np.abs(np.sum(rets[rets < 0]))
#build our data frame with the ranking information
def make_df(sym, df, drop=True):
#resample our dataframe from daily to a higher time frame
adf = df.resample(agg_tf, how=ohlc_dict)
#we use the adjust close prices for this test
col = 'Adj Close'
#you can also use the close prices
#col = 'Close'
#current period return
adf['cpr'] = np.log(adf[col].pct_change() + 1)
#adf['cpr'] = np.log(adf['Close'] / adf['Open'])
#next period return
adf['npr'] = adf['cpr'].shift(-1)
#rolling avg for 3 months
adf['avg'] = pd.rolling_mean(adf.cpr, 3)
#is price over its 10 month avg
adf['over'] = adf[col] > pd.rolling_mean(adf[col], window=10)
#get rid of rows we have no data for
if drop:
adf['sym'] = sym
return adf
df_list = []
syms = []
#load our data
for f in os.listdir(datadir):
#strip .csv
sym = f[:-4]
path = os.path.join(datadir, f)
df = pd.DataFrame.from_csv(path)
df = make_df(sym, df)
#make a combined dataframe that has our data
df = pd.concat(df_list)
rets = []
symlist = []
#we pick the top n each month
n = 2
#work out first date we have data for all syms
start_date = max([df[df.sym==s].index.min() for s in syms])
#we will run through till the end of the data
idxr = pd.date_range(start_date, df.index.max(), freq=agg_tf)
for idx in idxr:
#select syms for this date
t = df.ix[idx]
#select only those over the 10 month moving avg
t = t[t.over == True]
#select only those with +ve avg return
t = t[t.avg > 0]
#sort them by avg return and select the top n
tmp = t.sort('avg', ascending=False).head(n)
#calc monthly returns
#first unlog them
mr = np.exp(tmp['npr']) - 1
#then mult by allocation amt and take the sum of that
r = (mr * 1/n).sum()
#then convert back to log returns
r = np.log(r + 1)
#keep a record of which syms we selected
#print out gain/pain ration, avg. annual return and total return over the test
print "% 4.2f % 4.4f % 6.2f" % (gp(rets), avg_ar(rets), np.exp(np.sum(rets)))
#uncomment this if you want to poke around the data