Unofficial YUI builder port to node.js
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ybuild is a community contributed build system for creating YUI3.x components.

It builds javascript and css components to fit the YUI3 Loader, which is part of the YUI Framework (

It depends on mosen/buildy to execute all of the build tasks.

Documentation under heavy construction


ybuild gallery-module-name to build a gallery module OR ybuild * to build all modules in the current directory.

See ybuild -h for detailed command line options.


In order to build your component for yui3, your files should be organised as following:

Directory structure

The directory structure is the same as YUI Builder ( with the exception of the build.xml and files. ybuild uses a build.json file instead.


Assets can be omitted if your component won't be skinnable. (i.e there's no visual aspect of the component).

build.json format

The build.json file format describes a YUI3.x component in JSON format. It replaces the build.xml and files used with YUI Builder.


Almost all of the build.json parts are optional, but you should only remove the "skip" and "tools" properties if you don't need them.

    "name"    : "yui-module-name",
    "type"    : "js",
    "version" : "1.0.0",
    "skip"    : {
        "clean"    : false,
        "register" : false,
        "lint"     : false,
        "logger"   : false
    "sourceDir"   : "js",
    "sourceFiles" : [
    "buildDir"  : "../../build/yui-module-name",
    "assetsDir" : "assets",
    "tools"     : {
        "jslint"  : {
            "jslint option" : null
        "csslint" : {
            "csslint option" : null
    "details" : {
        "use"        : null,
        "supersedes" : null,
        "requires"   : ["base"],
        "optional"   : null,
        "after"      : null,
        "after_map"  : {},
        "skinnable"  : true

build.json properties reference

  • name

Name of the YUI module. Will be used in YUI().add() so this is what the loader will refer to.

Note that this is the same name you will use inside a YUI().use('modulename'... statement also.

  • type

One of "js" or "css". The type of component we are building.

  • version

Normally filled with the string "@VERSION@", might be used in building yui itself? Needs clarification

  • skip

A list of tasks to skip in the build process.

  • sourceDir

Relative directory to the source files.

  • sourceFiles

Array of filenames to include when building the module.

  • buildDir

Directory where the built files will reside (relative to the module directory).

  • assetsDir

Relative directory to the module assets.

  • tools

Hash containing options passed to specific tasks. Eg. lint options, minify options.

  • details

Details which the loader will use to determine the loading order and requirements.

ybuild vs. yui builder tool

Why switch build tools?

  • No java dependencies, no ant, no jars.
  • All node.js! several other yui tools already run on node.
  • Just plain faster. Eg:

Building one of my own modules - gallery-datatable-ml

  • ant: 3.258s
  • ybuild: 0.200s


  • Separate logging from every object.
  • Language pack support.
  • YUI Builder Tests target.
"tools" : {
    "replace" : {
        "regex" : "yui3loggerregex"
    "template" : {
        "yuivar" : "Y"

Options not yet handled by ybuild

in yui3

  • srcdir different than implied source directory

  • component.prependfiles / component.appendfiles mostly for license additions?

  • component.logger.regex set log removal regex per example

  • tests.requires / tests.* in async-queue tests target in general, builds a test module

  • or global.* in widget-modality top level directories for build/assets

  • component.rollup and rollup related functionality. check loader still uses rollups?

  • yui.core / yui.rls / loader.tnt / loader.yui2 custom build tasks inside yui seed.

  • component._lang in datatype

in yui-gallery

  • yui.variable A in AlloyUI stuff

  • component.assets.flatten take nested assets and flatten into one target directory

  • component.details.auipath and auitype in AlloyUI looks like the details are simply amended to YUI().add details line.

  • component.assets.base in aui-skin-classic alter the base assets directory, normally ./assets

  • component.assets.files = images//*,css//* at aui-skin-classic files to match in assets, normally */

  • component.optionals in gallery-slider-window (optional?) can't find documentation with this property.