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So, on the technical end of this, I would normally just build a Weebly or Wordpress for my client who is a Jersey City Exterminator. But my real objective here is to see if it is possible for a Ruby on Rails site to rank / index in all the search engines. I have had a lot of luck with other sites, but this site is really driving me crazy, and I need to get it ranked.

The phrase ## Jersey City Exterminator is very important!

I have been partnering with a local pest control service here in Jersey City for almost half a year, and I have gotten him some leads, but they are mostly through paid strategies, like AdWords and Facebook advertising. From that I have learned that the most important phrases that I want to rank the site for are Jersey City Exterminator and Jersey City Bedbugs

Knowing which keywords and phrases to use were instrumental in helping me to rank this site.

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