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My own Eagle-libraries
Allwinner V3s (ARM Soc with built in RAM and various interfaces)
DV3CUR24S05S (prebuilt DC to DC converter)
HR911105A (cheap Magjack RJ45, common on Arduino ethernet shields)
LM2576S (DC to DC step down converter IC)
MIC2250 (DC to DC step up converter IC)
MP1584-dc-brick (cheap DC to DC step down converter module, 3A contious load)
NS2009 (I²C touch controller)
OLED (varios OLED modules)
RJ45 Jack (RJ45 Jack without LED's and transformer)
SIM800L (prebuilt sim800L module)
smd-footprint (various smd-footprints)
Spule_100µH_CSD (Coil_100µH)

to be continued