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Utility functions fieldnames() and dicts() don't support unicode fieldnames #350

sv1jsb opened this Issue Dec 2, 2015 · 4 comments


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sv1jsb commented Dec 2, 2015

First of all thank you very much for petl. Very useful.

I am using petl to manipulate csv files from excel.
Loading is done with the fromcsv() function.
Columns have titles with non ASCII characters and file encoding is utf-8.
Loading is done flawlessly, but when I try to get the table as a list of dicts,
with the help petl.dicts() function, I get the well known error:

UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode characters in position 0-6: ordinal not in range(128)

I have narrowed down the problem to the base.asdicts and base.fieldnames functions which
use the str() function and not the unicode(), while iterating through the header fields.

I am using python 2.7.

Best regards,


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alimanfoo commented Dec 2, 2015

Thanks Andreas, this sounds like a simple fix. I'll put this high priority for the next release, will hopefully get to that soon.

@alimanfoo alimanfoo added this to the v1.1 milestone Dec 2, 2015


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sv1jsb commented Dec 2, 2015

Thanks Alistair,
I can help , if you 'd like, making a pull request.
I will only change the aforementioned lines.


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alimanfoo commented Dec 2, 2015

Thanks Andreas, a PR would be very welcome. I think it would be best to use
text_type() imported from petl.compat rather than unicode() as this should
work on both PY2 and PY3.

On Wednesday, December 2, 2015, Andreas Porevopoulos <> wrote:

Thanks Alistair,
I can help , if you 'd like, making a pull request.
I will only change the aforementioned lines.

Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub
#350 (comment).

Alistair Miles
Head of Epidemiological Informatics
Centre for Genomics and Global Health
The Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics
Roosevelt Drive
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1865 287721


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sv1jsb commented Dec 2, 2015

Of course.

sv1jsb added a commit to sv1jsb/petl that referenced this issue Dec 2, 2015

@alimanfoo alimanfoo closed this in 74990c4 Dec 2, 2015

alimanfoo added a commit that referenced this issue Dec 2, 2015

andrewakim added a commit to andrewakim/petl that referenced this issue Jul 13, 2016

Pulling in changes and updating my fork of petl (#1)
* work on PY3 compatibility, working through python 3 test failures, some way to go yet

* remove multirangeaggregate; work on flexible comparisons

* fix errors in joins

* work on csv compatibility, unicode todo

* working on csv compatibility, part-baked

* closer to working csv module

* csv module complete?

* csv all working

* rewrite text module

* various fixes

* all tests passing in py26, py27, py34

* dbtests working

* doco

* added support for write_header in tee(u)csv

* docs reworked; consistent state

* review documentation

* doctests passing

* doctests; change select behaviour for relaxed comparison

* doctests pass

* doctests pass

* petl.transform.basics doctests pass

* petl.transform.conversions doctests pass

* petl.transform.dedup doctests pass

* petl.transform.conversions doctests pass

* reorganise project layout

* petl.transform.maps doctests passing

* petl.transform.reductions doctests passing

* petl.transform.regex doctests passing

* petl.transform.reshape doctests passing

* petl.transform.selects doctests passing

* petl.transform.setops doctests passing

* petl.transform.sorts and unpacks doctests passing

* refactor petl.util

* fix tests

* combine fluent and interactive into main petl

* complete integration of fluent and interactive into core

* doco rewrite; doctest rewrite

* all doctests passing

* all tests passing

* integrate petlx.display; rework case study 1; add html support for styling; review docs

* doco review; document v1.0 changes

* remove u... functions

* fix docs after removing u... functions

* rework config and vis

* rerun reprhtml nb

* doctests working again after look changes

* v1.0.0-alpha1

* review documentation; change some parameter names

* doco

* v1.0.0a2

* increment version

* doco

* consistify variable naming

* consistify variable naming

* consistify variable names

* doco

* doco

* refactor dbtests

* fix petl executable

* add contributing doc; fix case study

* doco

* v1.0.0a3

* increment version

* resolves petl-developers#303

* resolves petl-developers#295

* resolves petl-developers#294

* various fixes

* closes petl-developers#205

* closes petl-developers#142; closes petl-developers#293 by merging in changes manually

* port array module from petlx

* port array module complete

* migrate dataframe, xls, xlsx

* port hdf5

* doco

* tox running

* merge sqlite3 into db module; migrate db_create from petlx

* doco

* migrate intervals

* doco

* rename modules with optional dependencies; migrate whoosh module

* documentation

* add validation module; add truncate and width to look(); add truncate to display(); rename some variables

* fix doctests

* v1.0.0a4

* increment version

* doco, prep for beta

* v1.0.0b1

* bump version

* add config.look_width

* windows setup

* test_csv pass windows

* test_csv_unicode pass windows

* test_html pass windows

* test_html_unicode pass windows

* fix html tests for cross-platform line endings

* fix test_sources for windows

* fix test_sqlite3 for windows

* fix test_tees for windows

* fix test_text for windows

* fix test_text_unicode for windows

* add excel test resources

* fix missing resources

* test compatibility fixes

* fix excel tests for windows

* fix sort file-caching to work on windows

* test sort cleanup

* fix tempdir in sort tests

* add logging

* get sort cleanup working on windows

* fix test compatibility for windows

* closes petl-developers#245 by moving import sqlite3 inside function, and trying import of cStringIO and cPickle falling back to import StringIO and pickle under PY2

* doco; add finer-grained exception

* v1.0.0b2

* v1.0.0

* minor doco

* doco

* rerun case study

* add tests for petl-developers#308, experiment with implementation

* mid-work

* fixes petl-developers#308

* doco

* v1.0.1

* logging

* add pypy support

* closes petl-developers#309

* v1.0.2

* Catches ValueError thrown when sys.stdin is a pseudofile

When using py.test it redirect stdin/stdout in pseudofiles by
default. Pseudofile do not provide a fileno() method and as such
raise a `ValueError` as soon as `` is imported (as shown

tests/transform/ in <module>
    import petl
../../.virtualenvs/ernie/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/petl/ in <module>
    from petl import util
../../.virtualenvs/ernie/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/petl/util/ in <module>
    from petl.util.vis import look, lookall, lookstr, lookallstr, see
../../.virtualenvs/ernie/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/petl/util/ in <module>
    from import MemorySource
../../.virtualenvs/ernie/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/petl/io/ in <module>
    from import FileSource, GzipSource, BZ2Source, ZipSource, \
../../.virtualenvs/ernie/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/petl/io/ in <module>
    stdin_binary = _get_stdin_binary()
../../.virtualenvs/ernie/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/petl/io/ in _get_stdin_binary
    fd = sys.stdin.fileno()
../../.virtualenvs/ernie/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/_pytest/ in fileno
    raise ValueError("redirected Stdin is pseudofile, has no fileno()")
E   ValueError: redirected Stdin is pseudofile, has no fileno()

Simply adding `ValueError` to the tuple of caught exceptions resolves the issues.

* v1.0.3

* doco

* v1.0.4

* closes petl-developers#318

* v1.0.5

* doco

* Use lxml if available to enable parent traversal in xml source

* closes petl-developers#315

* micro version bump

* PEP8; doco

* ack

* doco

* doco

* doco

* doco

* resolve conflict example

* example

* fixes petl-developers#324

* v1.0.7

* Adds support for named paramstyle

* Fixes petl.tocsv() exporting of 'None' string
Petl tocsv exports 'None' instad of no value if used with python 2.x

* add tox

* fix xlsx tests for recent version of openpyxl

* pin versions for optional requirements

* pin sphinx version for rtfd

* petl-developers#326 add documentation note on how to work around cx_Oracle limitation

* micro version bump

* add contributors

* closes petl-developers#325 with tests and fix

* v1.0.9

* closes petl-developers#317 by removing IF EXISTS and trailing semicolon

* v1.0.10

* fix petl-developers#330

* test for petl-developers#330. close petl-developers#330

* Adds test for commit 660bc12
Test `test_tocsv_none()` is added that validates whether `tocsv()` with `None` elements generates empty CSV values.

* Added unit test to cover renaming multiple headers by index

* closes petl-developers#335 with minor changes after PR

* ack

* v1.0.11

* add "strict" keyword doc for rename() function

* ack psnj

* fix for new tox

* listify incoming iterable of dicts to fix petl-developers#341

It's unfortunate to have to listify an incoming generator, but with the current gather-all-keys-for-the-header implementation, the input has to be fully iterated once.
Generator efficiency is still maintained if you pass in a header.

* Per email from Brad Maggard on 2015-09-16, addfieldusingcontext() doesn't have access to the new field, making calculations like running sum more complicated.

The generator yields the tuple from the original table.  It now creates a new Record() object with the additional field and the previous row's value, providing access to the prior row's new field.

* upgrade requirements

* fix doctests for numpy upgrade

* fix for petl-developers#350

* following on from petl-developers#350, ensure all handling of field names is via text_type

* some work on petl-developers#349

* fix petl-developers#347 in general by changing default value for errors kwarg

* close petl-developers#349

* newline

* work on petl-developers#345

* work on petl-developers#345

* work on petl-developers#345

* fixes petl-developers#345

* extension to original fix for petl-developers#341 to avoid complete listification

* fixes petl-developers#209

* fixes petl-developers#332; also adds sortheader() function

* fixes petl-developers#339 by adding biselect

* add sortheader() as Table method

* fix tox for platform differences

* resolves petl-developers#337 by adding epilogue argument

* remove test requirements for pypy

* resolves petl-developers#327 via addition of stack() method; also revisit cat()

* doco; missing method

* resolves petl-developers#323 with documentation and extra test

* doco

* resolves petl-developers#316 with addition of fromcolumns()

* initial work on to/from bcolz petl-developers#310

* resolves petl-developers#310

* added change note

* resolves petl-developers#333 with strict parameter to complement() etc.

* resolves petl-developers#319 with new function groupselectlast

* resolves petl-developers#256 with example in docstring

* doco

* doco

* doco

* Utilize zip_longest to mirror behavior in fromdicts(), filling in None when lengths differ

* make missing value configurable

* fix tests for change in field ordering behaviour

* fix doctest

* fix release notes

* v1.1.0

* fix contributor link

* add field name argument to addrownumbers() to close petl-developers#366

* corrected comments for groupselectmin and groupselectmax

* Fix link in documentation
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