Czech translation for phpBBDigests
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Czech translation for phpBBDigests

Digests is an extension for phpBB 3.2. The extension sends daily, weekly or monthly digests to all subscribed users based on their preferences and filter preferences.



If you have installed this extension and you would like to add Czech language too, do the following steps:

  1. Click on "Clone or Download" and select "Download as ZIP"

  2. Once downloaded, unzip the zip file to a temporary location.

  3. In the temporary location you will find folderphpBBDigests-cs-master\language\ In this folder there is a directory "cs". Copy it to your web server - to the phpBB installation, folder ext/phpbbservices/digests/language. You will find folder "en" there; copy the "cs" next to it.

If you need an older version of the translation (compatible to an older version of the Digests), select the corresponding branch.