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Ubuntu and Debian Build From Source

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Create a Virtual Machine Instance:

There are many providers to choose from. Digital Ocean is has an easy to use interface if you are inexperienced with virtual machines.

If you are using Digital Ocean, create a Droplet.

  • Image: Debian
  • Choose a Plan: Standard, 2GB/1CPU
  • Choose a datacenter region: Your Choice
  • Add your SSH key or skip to use a password
  • Create the Droplet and and then connect to the console

Install Dependencies:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install -y git curl build-essential libleveldb-dev libmicrohttpd-dev cargo

Install Cmake:


tar xfvz cmake-3.14.5-Linux-x86_64.tar.gz

sudo cp -r cmake-3.14.5-Linux-x86_64/bin /usr/ && sudo cp -r cmake-3.14.5-Linux-x86_64/share /usr/ && sudo cp -r cmake-3.14.5-Linux-x86_64/doc /usr/share/ && sudo cp -r cmake-3.14.5-Linux-x86_64/man /usr/share/

Download and Compile the Source Code:

git clone --recursive

cd petrachor && mkdir build && cd build && cmake ..

cmake --build . or make -j2 replace 2 with the number of cpu cores you would like to use.

Create a new Petrachor wallet:

~/petrachor/build/petrachor-key/./petrachor-key createwallet

Use a strong master passphrase. If your wallet is ever compromised, this passphrase will be its only security.

Create a new Petrachor account:

~/petrachor/build/petrachor-key/./petrachor-key new <account_name>

Your master passphrase will secure all accounts inside your wallet. If you do not want a key passphrase, you can safely skip the key passphrase by leaving it blank.

Create additional accounts, by repeating this step.

Start the Petrachor node:

Run the Petrachor node with mining.

Replace the Petrachor Address with the address you would like your staking rewards deposited. It does not need to be an address in your mining wallet: ~/petrachor/build/petrachor/./petrachor -j -m on -a f1abcdefcbe72d0d8052b9e3d4b6324d95941df0

Enter your Master Passphrase or Key Passphrase to begin mining with each account in the wallet. You will need to repeat the Passphrase for each account that you want to stake with.


Run the Petrachor node without mining: ~/petrachor/build/petrachor/./petrachor -j

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