A demo of a UIWebView subclass that is able to track the download progress (not 100% AppStore safe, 100% not evil)
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This project is a simple demo of a custom UIWebView Subclass that is able to track resource loading progress.

This class use private methods from https://github.com/kennytm/iphone-private-frameworks - it is not AppStore safe.

Let me know if you have any luck making its way on the AppStore.

How to use

  • Use IMTWebView instead of the UIWebView - you can do this in both interface builder or code
  • Implement IMTWebViewProgressDelegate method, for example like this:
// self.progressView is a UIProgressView instance
- (void)webView:(IMTWebView *)webView didReceiveResourceNumber:(int)resourceNumber totalResources:(int)totalResources {
    [self.progressView setProgress:((float)resourceNumber) / ((float)totalResources)];
  • ... no, nothing really...


This software is shared under the IHL ("Inmite Happiness License"), which is derived from MIT license completely, except for you have to follow @inmite if you are happy using the software of matter.