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Code to do data processing and create figures for "The geography of recent genetic ancestry across Europe",

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This is the collection of codes used in analysis of european POPRES data
(see Nelson et al,; 
obtain access to data at .)
for the paper "The geography of recent genetic ancestry across Europe", 
by Peter Ralph and Graham Coop, 
published May 7, 2013, in PLoS Biology, at

To see what makes what, see the makefile.

Most of the files are pretty clean, but a few have some clutter.

None will actually do anything without obtaining the POPRES data and running BEAGLE on them.

Please use these if they are useful, and credit us if appropriate.



* The .gmap files provide a mapping from the endpoint indices that BEAGLE uses to genetic distances (e.g. in centiMorgans).  Important: BEAGLE uses 0-based indices.

* BEAGLE 4.0 is out, and improved over the version we used (3.3).
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