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Chess Engine

A simple chess engine written in python3. You can play on the terminal or on a web interface. The chess engine is quite complete. Still missing are: Fifty-move rule and the threefold repetition.

Web Interface

The web interface has two dependecies:

  • flask | Micro web framework, used also as webserver
  • simplejson | Writing/Reading JSON

Calling web/ starts the webserver with the chess engine on port 5000.


Till now three different AIs are implemented (

  • PureRandom

    The simplest one. Does randomly draw a move from all possible moves.

  • KillBill

    Also a quite simple KI. Captures if possible, if not draw a random move.

  • KillBest

    Capture if opposite piece has lower value or isn't guarded. Check if possible (only on non guarded fields). Do randomly draw a move.