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This tool allows analyzing a large number of web servers that can be further categorized. It detects if the web page is hosted on a shared environment, support of security protocols as a DNSSEC, HTTPS. It also provides an information about IPv6 support. During processing, the actual location of the detected web servers is also detected.

The obtained data can be printed or exported to a CSV file. Geographical data can be shown on the interactive map.

App reqirements

The application requires an Python 3.5 or greater support. It is recommended to using with virtual environment (venv).

Running the app using virtual environment

$ python3 -m venv env
$ source env/bin/activate
(env) $ == work in virtual environment ==
(env) $ deactivate

Installing the requirements dependencies

Application requires couple of Python packages which are listed in requirements.txt. Using pip command you can easily install them:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Creating an empty database

SQLite database is used for storing evaluated pages. It supports division to certain categories. Empty database schema can be created:

./ init

Processing pages

For evaluating input domains, you can use or scripts. For example: ./ cat1

Exporting results

Obtained data stored in SQLite database can be viewed or exported using commands:

  • ./ prints results within the category.
  • ./ prints overall results of all categories.
  • ./ allows to print the webs which are hosted in network of some provider. You can create query by network address or provider domain name (--webhoster).
  • ./ it create an CSV output file named according the selected category.

Database of known web hosters

Some internal tests works with database of know hosters. To supply this database you can use command: ./ addhoster

Server location map visualisation

The position of all detected webservers can be shown in map using command: ./ coords.

Print server information

Using modules/ command you can print the server information which are used in evaluating scripts. It includes informations such a server software version and allowance of monitored protocols.


This software was supported supported by FEKT-S-17-4184 research project of Brno University of Technology.

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