Controlling LiFX bulbs using command line. Pure Python 2.7
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Controlling LiFX bulbs using command line. Supports colour setting with 2.0 firmware

Supported actions

Colour setting via including hue, saturation, brightness and temperature. Sends packet multiple times based on the retries defined in the file itself. Hue ranges between 0-360, saturation and brightness between 0 and 100 and temperature between 2500 and 9000.

Example usage

Setting hue to 120, saturation to 50, brightness to 100 and temperature to 3500K ./ 120 50 100 3500


I have also included simple webservice that stays loaded and listens to ACKs for the colour packets. Bottle is used to provide simple HTTP API. Only colour setting is supported, akin to the standalone command-line version. The packet parsing functionality is separated into Despite the tool's simplicity, an effort has been made for all of the operations to be thread-safe and is intended for production use. Please report any issues!

Example URL: http://localhost:8888/


  • Python 2.7
  • Knowledge of the IP address of the bulb. You can configure your router to assign static IPs to the bulbs, this eliminates any need of discovery
  • see requirements.txt to run built-in webservice

Tested on Linux (raspberry PI) and Mac OS 10.9