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This document lists the most important changes in Alfonz library. For more detailed changelog see a Git log. Each release uses the newest versions of dependencies.


  • [adapter module] Add DataBoundListAdapter
  • [arch module] Add onBackPressed() method in AlfonzFragment
  • [arch module] Add AlfonzBundleViewModel and its factory class for passing Application Context and Bundle data to ViewModel
  • [arch module] Support for LiveData with Data Binding
  • [graphics module] Add PlaceholderDrawable
  • [mvvm module] Remove module
  • [utility module] Add notification settings intent to IntentUtility


  • [arch module] Add removeEventObservers() to AlfonzViewModel for removing event observers


  • [arch module] Add EventObserver which passes non-null event object in onChanged()
  • [utility module] Check methods in PermissionManager now accept Context directly


  • [adapter module] Add adapter callbacks to observable collections bound to generic adapters and automatically notify adapters about changes
  • [adapter module] Implement getItemPosition() to fix updating pager adapter with notifyDataSetChanged()
  • [arch module] New module
  • [mvvm module] MVVM module is deprecated, use Arch module instead
  • [rx module] Add isPending() method in RxManager to find if there is any call pending
  • [utility module] Make check methods in PermissionManager static


  • [adapter module] Simple data bound adapters are no longer abstract
  • [adapter module] AdapterView interface for handling event callbacks, remove dependency on MVVM module
  • [adapter module] Remove useless type parameters
  • [media module] Add ImagePickerCallback in ImagePicker
  • [mvvm module] Add ToolbarIndicator
  • [rx module] New RxBus
  • [utility module] Add PermissionRequestable in PermissionManager to persist callback and handle orientation change properly
  • [all modules] Infer nullity


  • [adapter module] Binding adapters for RecyclerView setting up layout managers and item decorations
  • [adapter module] Use IntDef instead of enum in BindingUtility
  • [adapter module] New MultiDataBoundPagerAdapter
  • [media module] Use IntDef instead of enum in SoundManager
  • [mvvm module] Add Fragment tag in replaceFragment()
  • [mvvm module] New AlfonzBindingActivity
  • [rest module] Make catchObservableHttpError() and catchSingleHttpError() public
  • [utility module] Add isCallable() method in IntentUtility
  • [utility module] New ServiceUtility
  • [view module] Add invisibleWhenHidden attribute in StatefulLayout
  • [view module] Use IntDef instead of enum in StatefulLayout


  • [adapter module] New BindingUtility, item decoration
  • [mvvm module] Remove necessity of calling setModelView in a Fragment, it is called in parent AlfonzFragment
  • [mvvm module] Rename ViewCallback to ViewAction, rename runViewCallback() to runViewAction()
  • [mvvm module] New BindingUtility
  • [rest module] Support for Single and Completable
  • [rx module] Support for Single, Completable, Maybe
  • [rx module] Rename LoggedObserver to AlfonzDisposableObserver
  • [rx module] Register disposables automatically in RxManager
  • [utility module] New IntentUtility
  • [utility module] New PermissionManager


  • [mvvm module] Don't add a transaction to back stack by default in replaceFragment()
  • [mvvm module] Rename action bar indicator constants
  • [rx module] Fix removing running calls in RxManager
  • [utility module] Use View instead of EditText in KeyboardUtility


  • [graphics module] New module
  • [media module] New module
  • [ui module] Remove module
  • [utility module] New utilities
  • [view module] New module


  • [rest module] New module


  • [adapter module] New module
  • [mvvm module] New module
  • [rx module] New module
  • [ui module] New module
  • [utility module] New module
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