This user-space driver maps the Xarcade Tankstick to two game pads
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Xarcade2Jstick exclusively captures the keyboard events of the Xarcade Tankstick and maps these events to corresponding events on two virtual game pad devices.

Xarcade2Jstick was originally written as a supplementary tool for the RetroPie Project. Using this tool allows the usage of the auto-config capability of RetroArch, a central component of a RetroPie installation.


Your Xarcade will appear as two gamepads and can be used accordingly. There are also some special combinations of buttons that have special meaning:

  • P1 select + P1 start = TAB
  • P2 select + P2 start = ESC

The select buttons are the front buttons on each side of the joystick. The start buttons are the white top-center buttons.


If you would like to download the current version of Xarcade2Jstick from its Github repository, you can use this command:

git clone

Building and Installation

To build Xarcade2Jstick follow these commands:

cd Xarcade2Jstick

If everything went fine you can install with the command

sudo make install

Installation as Service

You can install Xarcade2Jstick as daemon with this command:

sudo make installservice

Uninstalling the service and/or the binary

You can uninstall the daemon with this command:

sudo make uninstallservice

You can uninstall the binary with this command:

sudo make uninstall

Have fun!