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Google Chrome Extension that lets you gain new developer skills, every time you open a New Tab.
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30 Seconds of Knowledge (Web Extension)

You can download the Chrome & Firefox Extensions here.


Gain new developer skills every time you open a New Tab! Choose which programming languages you want to get better at, in extension options, and get smarter every time you open a New Tab. All you need is 30 seconds to read and understand snippets of code and improve your knowledge. Saw something useful? Just copy/paste it into your code and you're golden!

This Chrome Extension is built with React and Web Extensions API.

  • React
  • Web Extensions API


Inspired by the phenomenal 30 seconds of code !

Available Snippet Libraries
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Interview Questions
  • React
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Ramda
  • C++

Snippet Issue Rules

Most of the snippets are provided by other great open-source repositories on which this extension is dependent on. If you find a bug, a typo or any other issue in the snippet please submit a PR or open an Issue to the source repo. This way the snippets will be updated in the extension once they are updated in their original repos!

The list for snippet repos can be found bellow:


MVP Phase:

  • Finish MVP (Chrome only)
  • Temporary Landing Page
  • Publish to Product Hunt
  • Soft Release MVP

V1.0.0 Phase:

  • Light/Dark Themes - Feature
  • Donation Options - Feature
  • Save/Favourite - Feature
  • Release v1.0.0

V1.1.0 Phase:

  • Update Existing Snippets - Maintenance
  • Customizable Font Size - Feature
  • More Snippet Languages - Added Ruby
  • Release Official Website
  • Mailing/Newsletter List
  • Social Media Coverage | Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter
  • Merch Shop
  • Privacy Policy & TOS
  • Redesign and UX polishing
  • Write Documentation for Contributors (Wiki)
  • Port to Firefox
  • Release v1.1.0

V1.2.0 Phase:

  • Update Existing Snippets - Maintenance
  • Blacklist Snippets - Feature
  • More Snippet Languages - Added Ramda
  • More Snippet Languages - Added C++
  • Release v1.2.0

Constant Work:

  • More Snippet Languages - Feature
  • Update Existing Snippets - Maintenance
  • Update Wiki


All contributions are welcome, but there are some rules you must follow in order for you contributions to be accepted.

Read the guides here.

If you are just looking for snippet templates, you can find them here.


A big THANK YOU to these wonderful people!

Avatar Name Github Profile Website
Stefan Fejes Github Profile Website
Ahmad Santarissy Github Profile Website
Florian Josef Reheis Github Profile Website
Matheus Dutra Lima Github Profile --------
Donavan Lawson Github Profile --------
Bhupesh Varshney Github Profile Website

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