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A set of FileMaker functions
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fmstandards moved the FieldName function
.gitignore added DS_Store
boolean.toggle.fmfn updated to use GetAsBoolean
calc.eval.fmfn Initial commit
char.arrows.fmfn Documentation clean up
color.hex2dec.fmfn adding a hex 2 decimal function
date.fromUnix.fmfn formatting fixup
date.ranges.fmfn Initial commit
date.toUnix.fmfn Initial commit
debug.fmfn Initial commit
developer.fmfn Initial commit
env.databaseopen.fmfn Initial commit
env.get.fmfn Initial commit
error.calculation.fmfn small fixes
error.last.fmfn missing semicolon
error.string.fmfn adding error.string function
exists.script.fmfn Initial commit
fields.changed.fmfn adding fields.changed() function. Adapted from AllowInputInAutoEnter(…
file.dirname.fmfn Initial commit
file.hosted.fmfn Initial commit
file.ospath.fmfn Initial commit
file.setpath.fmfn small tweaks to optimize variables
file.size.fmfn Initial commit
html.attribute.fmfn Initial commit
html.checkbox.fmfn Initial commit
html.css.fmfn Documentation fixes
html.document.fmfn Documentation fixes
html.paragraphs.fmfn Documentation fixes
html.wraptag.fmfn Documentation fixes
keyboard.chars.fmfn adding new function to display special modifier keys
keyboard.modifiers.fmfn adding more readable keyboard modifiers function
keycode.istype.fmfn Documentation clean up
layout.objects.fmfn Documentation clean up
layout.variables.fmfn adding new function to get variable from layout fields
layout.view.fmfn simple helper function for get ( layoutviewstate )
list.addRemove.fmfn cleaned up a bit
list.custom.fmfn Initial commit
list.extract.keyedvalue.fmfn Initial commit
list.filter.fmfn Initial commit
list.position.fmfn documentation cleanup
list.sort.defined.fmfn Initial commit
list.sort.fmfn Initial commit
list.swapValue.fmfn Initial commit
list.trim.fmfn Initial commit
list.valuewithin.fmfn variety of code cleanup to var functions, and adding var.get
mouse.clicks.fmfn Added an identifier parameter to isolate clicks to objects such as po…
my.contents.fmfn Initial commit Initial commit
number.format.fmfn adding a number formatting calc Initial commit
os.isWidnows.fmfn Initial commit
os.versionName.fmfn adding a version name function
path.dirname.fmfn Initial commit Initial commit
php.fmpized.fmfn Initial commit
plugin.valid.fmfn Initial commit
portal.filter.fmfn Initial commit
portal.grouping.fmfn adding new function for working with portal groupings
requests.get.fmfn Initial commit
requests.reset.fmfn Initial commit Initial commit
script.execute.fmfn Initial commit
script.param.change.fmfn Adding Mikhails key/value change function.
script.param.get.fmfn Documentation updates
script.param.let.fmfn Initial commit
script.param.named.fmfn Initial commit
script.param.set.fmfn Documentation and formatting cleanup
script.parameters.assign.fmfn Initial commit
script.parameters.fmfn Initial commit
script.result.fmfn Initial commit
selection.delete.fmfn adding new selection.delete function
string.explode.fmfn Initial commit
string.implode.fmfn Initial commit
string.trim.fmfn Namespacing function's variable Initial commit
url.isvalid.fmfn Initial commit
user.isEditing.fmfn adding convenience function for knowing when users are editing - usef…
var.define.fmfn variety of code cleanup to var functions, and adding var.get
var.eval.fmfn added ScriptName parameter checking via optional reserved variable $c…
var.get.fmfn variety of code cleanup to var functions, and adding var.get
var.list.fmfn fixed error message provided
var.local.fmfn Initial commit
var.merge.fmfn fixing accidental debugging using global vars
var.set.fmfn taking off accidental debugging
var.toggle.fmfn Adding a var.toggle function
vars.makeLocal.fmfn adding a function for conversion of global to local variables
vars.objects.fmfn cleanup Initial commit Documentation fixes
webviewer.records.txt clean up and adding default to @color
window.activetab.fmfn Initial commit added adjustments for locally scoped variable control
window.frontmost.fmfn Initial commit
window.fronttabs.fmfn Adding a fronttabs function which uses list.custom - faster results
window.offscreen.fmfn small fix to window.offscreen Updated the function to include more values and use…
window.settings.fmfn Adding non functioning code from Mikhail's Window Controller solution…
xml.tag.fmfn Initial commit
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