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Power plan switcher for Windows 10. Heavily inspired by EarTrumpet.
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PowerPlanSwitcher is a simple app that allows you to quickly switch between power plan schemas from application tray. In addition to a manual schemas switching it also supports an automatic switch when AC adapter gets connected/disconnected.


  • Windows10 styled flyout that allows quick power plan schemas changing
  • Ability to limit flyout only to Windows default power plan schemas
  • Automatic schema switching when AC adapter gets connected / disconnected
  • Launch on Windows startup
  • Flyout shortcut (Shift+Win+L)
  • Navigate the flyout with keyboard (use tab)
  • Change all settings by right-clicking on the tray icon :)
  • Get it at Windows Store for free!


Feel free to buy me a beer at: Donate

Special thanks to:

PowerPlanSwitcher Flyout

PowerPlanSwitcher Flyout 2

PowerPlanSwitcher Context Menu

PowerPlanSwitcher Context Menu 2

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