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iangreenleaf opened this Issue Aug 23, 2013 · 7 comments

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I'd like to have a persistent config file. This should help the people who want a certain options always set a certain way, or who want to specify files to ignore, etc. Plus having the option of checking it into source control is nice.

I think the least confusing format will be just standard CLI arguments, like so:

--ignore src,vendor
-x nodespecial

Questions I'm pondering:

  • We'll look for this file in the current working directory. Should we also look in home? Or look in every parent directory of CWD?
    • If two files exist, do we use the nearest? Or combine them with the nearest taking precedence?

See #48, #84.




+1. i find i have to manually tell it to watch .json files which is kind of annoying having to remember the command line args everytime i start it.


+1, it will be really useful.


Yes! +!


It would be nice for supervisor to catch up to nodemon in this respect.

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