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.supervisorignore file? #84

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Nodemon has such a .ignore file (.nodemonignore)...lets you specify in a saved file, instead of always depending on cli. Would be the feature that would pull me over to supervisor. Until then, I'll stick to nodemon.


I think I'd prefer a more general .supervisorconfig file (as mentioned in #48). It would probably just take command-line arguments, like so:

--ignore src,vendor
-x nodespecial

The idea of having a file is great, though. I would like to add something like this to supervisor.


The reason an ignore file is good is because (on larger projects) the laundry list of hidden items can get pretty large. As well, sometimes I'll want specific paths/folder/files.

You could probably fork the nodemon logic...

function readIgnoreFile:
function addIgnoreRule:


I'm curious, do you have an example of a large node ignore file? I know .gitignores have a way of growing over time, I just haven't experienced that with supervisor. I've found that usually the fact that it only picks up JS files means there aren't too many special exclusions I need to make.


It's largely developer dependent. Not everyone ignores a lot by default. But some people do. I have all sorts of files that I ignore, all over the place. The nice thing about a file, I don't have to remember where they are. I can just quickly glance at the .ignore file, and it's all right there, in once (committed) place.

The HTML5 boilerplate (non-node, I realize, but it's still illustrative) used to have huge ignore lists. They offported it to the global .gitignore file (with recommendations for what to put in there), but it's still in a file.


Been quite a while; seen no movement on this. What's the verdict?


I'd like to roll this into .supervisorconfig. That would be a useful feature to have for a number of reasons, and putting these options in there instead of a separate file will keep things simple and reduce the amount of explanation needed. I think I'll open a ticket for that and close this in favor of it. Having tons of entries in that file might be slightly awkward, but not unmanageable.


Having an ignore file in the project's folder greatly improves the deployment of a project as it's modified and deployed with the project.

Also it simplifies switching between projects without touching to the local configuration of the server.
each server can have its own .supervisorconfig with a different .ignore file.


So.... no news on that?

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