Docker container to run PIMATIC on Synology Disk Stations or any other docker env
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Docker images for PIMATIC

Docker container to run PIMATIC.

I designed this image to run on a Synology Disk Station but it should run just fine in any other Docker environment.

Pull the image

docker pull petschni/pimatic

Run the container

The image uses a config file file that is located outside of the docker container. You can either use one from your local installation or the standard one.

Note: The name of the config file must be config-json-pimatic.json

Use the following run command to run the container:

docker run -it -p YOUR_PORT:PIMATIC_PORT -v FOLDER_OF_CONFIG_FILE:/home/pimatic-app/configMount/ IMAGE_NAME


docker run -it -p 80:80 -v ~/Documents/pimatic-app/:/home/pimatic-app/configMount/ dee4e2336b1236

This will start the container and the pimatic service.

Detailed instructions for running pimatic on a Synology Disk Station can be found on my blog.