Child theme for Thematic 2.0 framework, based on Zurb Foundation 5.5
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Foundation Base, child theme for the Thematic 2.0

Integrating Thematic 2.0 (pre-release) & Zurb Foundation 5.5 to enable easy path from prototyping to fully functional WordPress site.


  • download & unzip Thematic 2.0 from into /wp-content/themes
  • download & unzip Foundation Base into /wp-content/themes
  • activate Foundation Base child theme
  • enjoy, with attitude


  • using semantic mixins with Thematic IDs
  • everything done in SASS
  • javascripts nicely joined and minified with @codekit-append's
  • supporting wp_nav_menu and wp_page_menu (if custom menu is not defined builds nav-bar from page hierarchy)
  • ... and a Foundationbase sidenav widget that creates vertical navigation, listing pages from current page's topmost ancestor (unless on home page) / skype: petskratt

More Info



  • things that were in bower_components are now in /lib - please note, that hidden file .bowerrc is required for that to work (you might miss it if you just download/expand ZIP)
  • if any included components are referenced from scss or php - these point to something in /lib now
  • /lib/foundation-base-lib is separate GIT submodule now (no need to worry, unless you plan to contribute)
  • all php files are required from functions.php (previously some were included from foundation-base.php)
  • this means, that if you change some part in /lib - move it to your foundation-base folder first and change require
  • codekit project now defaults to compiling with libsass (faaaaaaaast) + creating map file for scss (and css is compressed by default)
  • config.codekit.template includes these changes, overwrite your config.codekit with that
  • @print styles, include at the very end of styles.scss
  • editor styles

Updating foundation and foundation-base-lib is simple: go to the childtheme base folder and type: bower update

This updates both foundation and foundation-base-lib (and creates some additional components in /lib ... that should not be needed in web, so you can safely remove everything, except foundation and foundation-base-lib, of course)

What are needed changes in existing projects, should you decide to bring them up to today's changes?

  • download a copy of new foundation-base
  • take requires from the start of functions.php, use in your current functions.php
  • same for items at the beginning of style.scss and _settings.scss - foundation and thematic rows are important
  • copy hidden .bowwerrc, not-hidden bower.json, codekit.config
  • delete current /bower_components and /library (unless you have made local changes there), from scss _thematic.scss (that is now in lib)
  • do bower update to have new /lib created

sorry for the mess, I hope that next upates will be way easier :-)


  • move all bower-updatable foundation-base components to foundation-base-lib
  • introduce .bowerrc, use /lib instead of bower_components
  • start gitignoring foundation components that are not needed during runtime (as everything needed is in vendor anyway)
  • default scss processing to libsass, compressed, with sourcemaps


  • remove umlauts + cyrillic from filenames, also lowercase all filenames on upload
  • possibility to switch off using Google jQuery (new constant, not mandatory)
  • possibility to tell which version of jQuery to use from Google (new constants, not mandatory)
  • "dummy" jquery registered for IE8 case - to avoid problems with plugins dependent on jquery (as IE8 fix adds jQuery not through official means but IE conditional in footer)
  • all php files have now if ( ! defined( 'ABSPATH' ) ) exit; at the beginning to avoid direct execution attempts
  • Foundation & dependencies upgrade to 5.5.1