FRLayeredNavigationController, an iOS container view controller with an API similar to UINavigationController
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FRLayeredNavigationController, an iOS container view controller with an API similar to UINavigationController.

Official Project Home:

See below for documentation and instructions (including a screencast) on how to add FRLayeredNavigationController to your project.

If you have further questions, feel free to mail me!

©2012, Johannes Weiß for factis research GmbH.



It's all open source but you can use it in your commercial product free of charge. FRLayeredNavigationController is licensed under the terms of the Modified BSD License.

Watch the demo videos


Adding FRLayeredNavigationController to your project

FRLayeredNavigationController is compiled as static libraries. It use Xcode's "dependent project" facilities.

Here is how: Estimated time: 5 minutes.

There's also a screencast which shows how to add FRLayeredNavigationController to a project and how to switch from UINavigationController to FRLayeredNavigationController: .

  1. Clone the FRLayeredNavigationController git repository: git clone Make sure you store the repository in a permanent place because Xcode will need to reference the files every time you compile your project.

  2. Locate the "FRLayeredNavigationController.xcodeproj" file under "FRLayeredNavigationController". Drag FRLayeredNavigationController.xcodeproj and drop it onto the root of your Xcode project's "Groups and Files" sidebar.

  3. Now you need to link the FRLayeredNavigationController static libraries to your project. Add libFRLayeredNavigationController.a to the Link Binary With Libraries section of your project's Build phases.

  4. Finally, we need to tell your project where to find the FRLayeredNavigationController headers. Open your "Project Settings" and go to the "Build" tab. Look for "Header Search Paths" and double-click it. Add the relative path from your project's directory to the "FRLayeredNavigationController/" directory.

  5. While you are in Project Settings, go to "Other Linker Flags" under the "Linker" section, and add "-ObjC", "-fobjc-arc" and "-all_load" to the list of flags.

  6. You're ready to go. Just #import "FRLayeredNavigationController/FRLayeredNavigation.h" anywhere you want to use FRLayeredNavigationController in your project.

If you want to, you can install appledoc and type appledoc . in FRLayeredNavigationController's root directory to install the API documentation in Xcode.