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version 0.4.0 - 2012-02-14
* Client interface methods have more explicit arguments and now take an
error callback.
The `provision` `notify` and `feedback` methods in v0.3.2 would
implicitly assume they should perform asynchronously if the `callback`
argument was supplied. They would spin off a thread, later calling
the callback.
Now those methods take an `async` parameter, when True, will spin off
the XML-RPC request in another thread, calling `callback(result)` when
complete or `errback(exception)` if an error occurred.
* Clients will now automatically try to re-provision themselves if `INITIAL`
was provided during configuration. This helps, in case the server goes
down, to be able to retry provisioning at least once.
Fixed bugs:
* Fixed #21 - logging of full contents of file PEM file when providing the
whole thing in `provision()`
* Fixed #25 - provide a wrapper for api functions which will automaticaly
try to reprovision should it encounter a `UknownAppID`.
* Removed some of the redundant documentation from the file.
Eventually I want to move to sphynx docs. That software didn't really
exist in the same capacity in 2010 as it does now.
version 0.3.2 - 2010-08-05
Started tracking changes. This is the version that everyone has been using for
the past few years.