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Norwegian translation of Free Culture

The books are ready for download and purchase:

English (book cover): [PDF], [ePub], [MOBI], [on paper from lulu.com].

Norwegian Bokmål (book cover): [PDF], [ePub], [MOBI], [on paper from lulu.com].

French (book cover): [PDF], [ePub], [MOBI], [on paper from lulu.com].

The original book version is available from http://free-culture.cc/ .

See my blog post for 2012 for a project description.

Norwegian translation of the book Free Culture by Lessig. Based on the Docbook version by Hans Schou. Other versions of the book can be found from the books remixes list.

The first draft had images found in the HTML version available from Elegant Ebooks, while later draft had these replaced with the original images provided by the author.

The source of this project is available from the free-culture-lessig github repository.

Text flow

The original source for the book is freeculture.xml, a Docbook formattet file. This file is transformed to the freeculture.pot, which is the base file for translators. It was copied to freeculture.nb.po as the starting point of the Norwegian Bokmål translation, and the text blocks are translated in this file. The translation is maintained using Transifex, making sure translators only need a browser and Internet connectivity to contribute.

Only the file freeculture.xml should be manually edited!

The freeculture.xml file is automatically combined with the freeculture.nb.po file to create a new generated file freeculture.nb.xml representing the Norwegian Bokmål Docbook version. This file is in turn used to generate the HTML, PDF and EPUB version of the book.


To build the PDF and EPUB version of this book, the following Debian packages are needed:

make po4a dblatex (>= 0.3.4-2 in debian, for nb support) dbtoepub libxml2-utils gnuplot xmlto docbook-xsl calibre

When the build requirements are in place, the PDF and EPUB version of the book can be build by running 'make' on the command line.

Changes done to the original

Changed typo in introduction (page 11 in original):

Is it not about the «centrality of technology» to ordinary life.


It is not about the «centrality of technology» to ordinary life.

Changed typo in quote from Elizabeth Daly (page 40 in original), removed trailing quite character:

power with this language."


power with this language.

Changed 'next page' references to use cross references instead (pages 141, 148 and 246 in original).

Rewrote colophon page and dropped irrelevant pages between the content table and the preface.

Translation status


  • Complete the spell checking of the content (using the txt version is easiest).
  • Publish first edition.
  • (Add missing index entries. Nice to have, not vital. See scripts/idxcompare for helper script.)