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Tips regarding DocBook XML tagging
To get entries in the Index at the back, add entries like this in the
docbook source:
This will result in the entry ABC showing up in the Index, with a
reference to the page where it is mentioned.
To get two levels in the index at the back, add entries like this to
the docbook source:
<secondary>publicity rights on images of</secondary>
To index a range of paragrams/pages:
<indexterm id="idxexchap" class='startofrange'>
<primary>Example Chapter</primary></indexterm>
<indexterm startref="idxexchap" class="endofrange"/>
Docbook howtos
Docbook processing
xmlto with fop backend
- showing norwegian language for system templates.
- Overlap footnote and text body in some cases (BTS #683197)
- incorrect index (missing page numbers for some, create wrong page
number for some).
- missing images (possibly BTS #567122)
xmlto with default backend
- fail to process the docbook source (possibly BTW #683163)
- do not end a <part> when it should, gluing following chapters as if
they belonged to the last <part> (BTS #683166).
- Incorrect hyphens for multipage index references when using xetex
(BTS #682901).
- not showing norwegian language for system templates (BTS #682936).
docbook-xsl (aka xsltproc + fop)
- both version 1.75.2+dfsg-5 (squeeze) and version 1.76.1+dfsg-1
(wheezy) give broken footnotes and index.
Some ideas for docbook proposed processors:
XMLMind (editor with PDF export support)
Oxygen (editor with PDF export support)
Interesting links
Good source of indexterm locations: